Less Wordy Wednesday – Backyard Shenanigans

We still have some work to do finishing up the fencing but the novelty of a private backyard is too much for any of us to resist. Even on a long line Shiva has enjoyed kicking it outside. There is just the right amount of room for fetching frisbees and chewing on sticks.

Apparently, we are good times. After watching us for a while, the little Yorkie from next door decided the grass was greener on our side and she now makes a habit of slipping under the fence to join in the fun.

I was a little nervous at first as Shiva doesn’t know that many small dogs and tends to play rough. Amazingly, the two hit it off and they enjoy chasing each other around the lawn. Well, the Yorkie enjoys it anyway. Shiva mostly just looks confused as the tiny puppy darts around her in circles.

We’ll see if the other dog is as brave once the fence is completed and Shiva can run all out.

Until then, we’ll just have fun basking in the summer sunshine.

24 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – Backyard Shenanigans

  1. I love that Shiva has a new friend! How fun for her.

    Are you just loving the new yard? I am so happy for you guys. A house with 10 doors AND a backyard! And a new friend! 🙂


  2. looks really nice – better for your health than the old place. And a new dog for Shiva to play with without any of the expense. Good thng the cat likes small dogs


  3. Shiva’s gonna LOVE it when it’s all fenced in… Shayne, Rio and Bandit have been sunning themselves and eating bullysticks outside in the sun this morning–they LOVE being able to just relax and enjoy the sun in the yard!


  4. OMG, the brave little Yorkie… The Mister would STEAL him. When we took Jack to training classes there was a little Yorkie named “Bill Murray” in the class, and The Mister was constantly sneaking him *Jack’s* liver treats. If there’s ever a ‘second dog’ in my future, I think I already know what it will have to be…


  5. Congratulations on the new house and yard! Isn’t Shiva a lucky (and very pretty) girl. 🙂 And making new friends already – how about that?

    Last fall we put up temporary fencing for Bella and the change in her has been remarkable. She loves going out in the yard now with her freedom intact. I’m sure Shiva’s going to have a blast once your’s is finished.


  6. So glad Shiva has a new friend. The back yard looks just the job for you and shiva to chill out in.

    Loving the last photo of you and Shiva:)


  7. So I have just one question: if you rented a bigger house, would it come with a bigger dog? Perhaps a beagle or cocker spaniel?

    If you rent a mansion, does it comes with two Newfies?

    I’m always interested in the real estate quirks of other countries. 🙂


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