I’ll Tell You What I Am Not Going To Do

Partially inspired my my laissez faire cat and partially by an article I found linked on Positively Present, here is my To-Don’t list for July 13, 2012.

Cats don’t have to do lists. And if they did, every item on it would relate to napping. Well, after world domination anyway.

Tonight I am not…

1. Going to think any more about the plight of Dawson, a dog who has been at the local shelter for far too long.

2. Going to think about all the work I didn’t accomplish this week and that will be waiting for me with bright eyes on Monday morning.

3. Going to drive down to the shelter to bring Dawson home.

4. Going to count how many beers I consume while sitting on the deck.

5. Going to sit out here much longer without re-applying sunscreen.

Dogs don’t have to-do lists either. At least, not ones that include more than one item at a time.

There is also no way I am…

1. Going to let the black flies stop me from having a good time.

2. Adopting a second dog named Dawson.

3. Working on the household budget.

4. Reading anything thicker than a magazine.

5. Not laughing as Shiva chases bugs all over the yard. She has got to be the world’s worst hunter.

6. Thinking about how cute it would be for Shiva to have a friend. Named Dawson.

Is there anything you aren’t going to do this evening?

28 thoughts on “I’ll Tell You What I Am Not Going To Do

  1. It sounds suspiciously like Shiva is going to get a brother, especially now that you have a fenced yard. Hmmm.

    I’m not going to do anything but put my legs up this weekend. I think I might have overdone it the last few days in my anxiety to be productive.


  2. Have you thought about fostering him for a couple of days? Or just taking him out for a play date? Give me a shout and I’d be happy to help. I’ve been doing a lot of training with the guy and have gotten to know him pretty well!


  3. Time to tire out the dog. Too bad you don’t have a Dawson around the house to help with that.

    Can’t sleep in on Saturday because you need to spend an hour helping Shiva get her ya yas out? I hear Dawsons are a good answer for that.

    What’s on the PH’s Not To Do list?


  4. Hi Kristine, okay here’s the deal. My dad says to go get Dawson, it’s what you really want to do. Many years from now you’ll look back on this as something you didn’t regret. But if you don’t do it, for many years after, you will regret not getting Dawson. Okay? My dad said that he’d buy the first bag of really good treats if you do. So is it a deal?


  5. Too funny 🙂 I’ll try not to say anything about Dawson (but I can see why you are trying NOT to think about him!) Enjoy your weekend!!


  6. Hey, bringing Shiva to meet Dawson and go for a walk together is not on your list! Gotcha, sucker! 🙂 Maggie met 3 other prospective dog buddies before Duke, so they might not even get along, what’s the harm in checking? You know you want to… says the worst influence ever….hee hee.


  7. Dawson’s showing a lot of husky there. Huskies are dogs that require very clear criteria and consistency. Otherwise, they think they are the boss because you can’t make up your mind. They are very happy to take that role and be the boss. Smart dogs.

    I have a friend that has agility huskies. They are very independent. On when they want to be, off for reasons no one can discern…

    I guess I’m saying this: he may not work out for you. If you get him, and he doesn’t settle in and be a willing worker/housemate/partner do not feel bad if you need to return him.

    I should ask if you’ve met him first, shouldn’t I?

    I don’t know exactly what I’m hoping to say. Go slow, I guess. Meet him. They ought to let Shiva meet him, too. See how he responds to you interacting with him. If he’s too aloof, that’s a bit of a flag. But shy can look like aloof… sigh.

    You’ve come so far with Shiva and you too are so good together. It’s a big undertaking to bring another personality into the house.

    Don’t be afraid to try. He is adorable. But don’t be ashamed to ‘fail.’ If it doesn’t work out, a good shelter will be glad to give the dog another chance.

    And I’m done. Looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you. And despite my hand wringing, I will support you if I can, with what (little) I know.


  8. Loved this post! I read it on Friday night from my iPhone while I was sitting outside on the back porch having a few beers! I was wondering how many beers you had up on me at that point:)

    So when do we get to meet Dawson?


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