Blog the Change: Don’t Miss the Chance to Stand for Dog Rescue

Blog the ChangeComing up on July 23rd is an important event that is close to all our hearts. Chances are if you are reading this you have already adopted from, volunteered at, fostered for, or donated to a local animal shelter. Pet bloggers and pet lovers are amazing people. I’ve benefited myself many times over from your generosity. You don’t just talk about change, you actually get out there and chip away at the mountain with every tool you can find. Sometimes it feels overwhelming but pebble by pebble, you are making a difference in the lives of countless animals.

Eight days from now is teaming up with Blog Catalog, Dog Rescue Success, and activists like you to showcase the vital cause of dog rescue in a huge international online event. It may be the biggest blog the change yet. We all know about the thousands of dogs whose lives are at stake every day. It’s time everyone else did too.

If even one dog is adopted from a shelter instead of purchased from a pet store, all of our efforts will be worthwhile. We have witnessed the changes that can come from the smallest actions. You never know what will touch someone or who is listening to your story. It could be a friend; it could be someone who has never commented; it could be someone on the other side of the planet. We may not see the results directly, but by blogging about the causes about which we are most passionate, we can – and have – saved lives.

Never doubt the power of the written word. Every time I start to question my ability to reach others I think about Fenrus.

Fenrus was a senior dog surrendered to a local shelter in Nova Scotia. For my very first Blog the Change for Animals event in October of 2010, I shared his photo. If you scroll down to the bottom of that post you’ll see a comment made by a kind woman named Sandra. After seeing his picture and reading his story, this same woman ended up becoming Fenrus’ new family.

If my little website –  which back then I don’t think more than ten people read – could help a dog find a new home, what could all of us do if we worked together?

Don’t miss the chance to do something pretty brilliant. On July 23 unite with other bloggers and animal lovers and help save the lives of dogs in need. Let’s see how many new homes we can find for the dogs we love so much.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the kitties. As much as I hate to relegate cats to the backseat once more, I do have something pretty big planned for them. All those videos and stories I have been collecting will be put to very good use so keep them coming! While the July 23 event focuses on dogs there are going to be many more opportunities for cat love. I will see to it!

11 thoughts on “Blog the Change: Don’t Miss the Chance to Stand for Dog Rescue

  1. Wow – I never knew about Fenrus….I wasn’t a reader way back when. (And that’s too bad, because I bet I missed out on a lot!) Congrats on helping him find his forever home. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do today with Simon. One dog at a time…let’s find them all homes. 🙂


  2. “Pebble by pebble” – yes!!! Just imagine if everyone did a little bit of something for the sake of homeless pets – I’m wagering there wouldn’t be any more without a home. Congrats to Fenrus! You are incredible, and he’ll verify that.

    Thank you for blogging the change for animals,
    Kim Thomas


  3. I really like the story about Fenrus! In my BtC4A today, I make a cynical comment about these blogging events “preaching to the choir”, and I’m always happy to be proved wrong on things like that. 🙂


  4. I never knew about Fenrus. Wow Kristine. That is so cool.

    You’re right. We never know what we can do or how much of a difference we can make. Donating, giving time, adoption, fostering, speaking, sharing, writing – all have an impact.

    Thanks so much for joining the team and for promoting this event. I am really excited about it. I think it’s going to be huge!!! I am so very glad we are both on the BTC team. 🙂

    Mel Freer


  5. I think one of the hardest things about blogging and trying to make a difference is that we don’t always see the result. With Fenrus you did see the result and that to me is just amazing.

    If I can help save another dog from spending their life in shelter or having their life end at a shelter just for writing a blog post, them I am on that bus!

    This is going to be one fantastic event and I am very grateful to be involved.
    Great post!


  6. That’s so awesome about Fenrus… talk about making a difference! 🙂 Absolutely wonderful and inspiring post.

    (I’m glad you mentioned the cat stories again… I keep forgetting to send mine!)



  7. That is absolutely incredible about Fenrus. It’s so true how even one written piece or picture can make such an impact. Even if only on one person, it doesn’t matter – the effect is there.

    I look forward to what you’re going to blog about on the 23rd and am so excited to be part of this event this year!


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