Less Wordy Wednesday – Blogging it Up

Pet bloggers must be some of the happiest bloggers in the world. Who else gets to cuddle up on the couch with one’s inspiration?

20 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – Blogging it Up

  1. That’s so great. And they are so well behaved. I have to chase mine when I have the laptop out. Toby tries to knock it over with his wrecking tail, Meadow slams her toy into the side of it, and Leah comes over to see the what I’m doing usually right after taking a big drink of water, which scares the cats, and they dash over the keyboard.


  2. I love the photo, you all look so serene and comfy!
    This is how I do my blogging too, my little shih-tzu Poppy sits on the arm of the couch with me looking out the window and if she is cold, she snuggles up close to me!


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