Multi-tasking at its Worst

I have been pretty scattered this week, jumping from one project back to another and then starting a new one before the other two are finished, all the while talking on the phone and organizing my sock drawer. I can’t seem to stick to one task at a time. This is not typical for me and I find it more than a little chaotic. Nonetheless, it’s fitting for my mood that today’s post  be a more of the same: a lot of un-related randomage.

Such as a photo of this cute dog who followed us around the dog park one day. Any guesses on the breed?

  • The latest cause is up on Be the Change for Animals. It’s one that has become personal for me due to my long-time love of bears and my long-time dislike of the environmentally ignorant oil industry. Perhaps ignorant is the wrong word. Inconsiderate may have been a better choice. Or selfish. Anyway, it’s an important issue. Even though the pipeline will be in Canada, it is something that will reach all of North America. I plead with you to share your opinion before the damage is done.

via Spirit Bear Lodge

  •  If you want a good snicker, check out Garfield Minus Garfield. As described in the website’s header it is “a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb.” Essentially, it is Garfield comic strips with Garfield removed. When I saw my first one I laughed. And then I understood Jon for the very first time in a very eerie sort of way. A little too close for comfort?
  • Is it wrong that instead of making this delicious recipe for my well-deserving dog, I am trying to think of ways I could make it work for myself? Poor Shiva. She never gets anything yummy.
  • I have been fascinated by Ximena’s relationship boot camp with her dog, Elli. I don’t know if I could embark on something quite to this level but the dedication she has put into her time with Elli – making it all about positive quality – makes me wonder if a plan like this would help us with our relentless recall issues. I know I could be a lot more mindful about how I spend my time with Shiva. What dog wouldn’t benefit from a little more thoughtfulness?

Love this Nina O. pyramid toy. It is a must-have for any camping trip.

Gratuitous Shiva shot. Because I can.

  •  If those weren’t enough links to get you bouncing around the Internet like a Shiva at her first agility trial, Some Thoughts About Dogs regularly posts her online favourites of the week. I found this week’s  particularly involving and even though it was shared in June, I am still getting through all of the brilliant articles.
  • Even though I found this link through the post above, I feel it deserves a bullet point all on its own. How wicked are these photos of animals’ eyes up close? I won’t tell you how much time I lost staring into the iris of a guinea pig. It most assuredly isn’t healthy.

What has caught your attention lately?

10 thoughts on “Multi-tasking at its Worst

  1. Ok, you sent me hurtling down the rabbit hole with all those interesting links. Some I’ll have to revisit when I’m more awake.

    I’m sorry you feel scattered. But I think it’s cool to be pulled in a bunch of different directions sometimes. It’s a sign of creativity.

    I came back from the library with a raft of unrelated books – 2 on dogs, Japanese comic Lone Wolf & Cub, Neil Gaiman, 2 books on social media. 2 books on sailing, a book on disgust. I’d sure hate to be only thinking about one thing at a time. 🙂


  2. Scattered is a good description for how I feel this week, too! I feel like no matter what I do, I keep getting further behind. Those up close eye pictures completely shorted out any thoughts I had about the other links, though! lol They’re pretty darned cool!

    My attention has been on the mailbox this week and just trying to get through the work days lately. I feel so boring!


  3. I LOVE Garfield Minus Garfield. I remember seeing it a few years back and reading through at length, though I think the one I read still had Garfield in it, just not Garfield’s thought/speech bubbles. Interesting that there are variants now (unless I hallucinated the other version)!


  4. Hi Kristine, okay you must be wanting something or are you just a little fidgety. My dad sometimes still feels like that and then he longs for those days past when an out-of-town business trip to a conference or a visit to do some business in Toronto would allow him some time away. If that’s you, there’s a very cold beer and good food waiting for you and whoever you bring out this way. Just a thought.


  5. You inspired me to write about how scattered my week has been. Talk about frustrating! I spend so much time trying to remember everything I have to do, writing it down and stressing about it, that I don’t have time to actually get any of it done! Womp womp.


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