Less Wordy Wednesday – Raison de la Foile

These pictures were taken about thirty minutes after we returned from our weekend of camping and agility madness.

They were an instant reminder of why we began this crazy journey in the first place.

Not for poorly edited videos to post on my blog, not for international stardom, but to tire Shiva out.

Mission accomplished.

26 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – Raison de la Foile

  1. Awwwwww, she’s so sweet when she’s too exhausted to move!

    Funny, I think a lot of folks get into agility just to tire their dog out. That’s what got Kly & I started. On the days when Koly is being a real crackerjack I miss it terribly ;0)


  2. I so wanted to comment on this post when I saw the pics of Shivs. My darn iPhone wouldn’t let me, but had to come back to say “She is so adorable!”
    How could you not love her for all of who she is when she looks like that? I also loved the one in your most reent post where she is swimming. Who’d have thunk it?


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