Less Wordy Wednesday – Canoeing With Shiva, Take Two

Over the weekend we returned to a campground we visited almost exactly two years ago. It seems there is a lot of nostalgia around these parts lately. While there, we also made sure to take advantage of the free canoe rental that comes with every night’s stay.

Doesn’t Shiva look pumped to be out on the water again?

We probably stayed out too long for the poor puppy’s liking. The first forty-five minutes were great. Shiva wasn’t thrilled but she seemed to be tolerating the experience. It was only when we turned the boat around that she started to freak out. Her howls serenaded us all the way back to the dock.

It wasn’t pleasant. Shiva would make a terrible gondolier.

“Eee! The lake monster! Save meeeee!”

It was all clearly just a little too much for her and as much as I made fun of her at the time, I felt pretty bad. Next time we’ll make sure to stop a few times to let her run around on a beach. That always seems to make her feel a little better about whatever evil is lurking nearby.

What do you mean “next time”?

Regardless of her fears, she was calm when we pulled into the marina and waited nicely in the canoe until I told her she could jump out. And she jumped back in just as readily a few seconds later. Despite her vocalized discomfort, she couldn’t have been that traumatized. It makes me wonder if her whining had less to do with the canoe itself and more to do with her hatred of staying in one place for more than three seconds. If that’s the case, then I don’t regret my cracks about striped shirts and ice cream jingles.

16 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – Canoeing With Shiva, Take Two

  1. Shiva’s reaction to the canoe sounds similar to the way Shadow reacted to the bike cart. She got in with no problem. But once we were underway she started barking her head off. I think she was telling us she’d really rather be running alongside, thank you very much.

    I suspect Shiva could become a good canoe dog with more regular practice.


  2. Am I wrong in saying that she gave you “the look”? It sure looks like it in those photos. I would love to take Daisy canoeing, but I am not sure if it would be too overwhelming for her. I don’t think she would howl like Shiva. Do you think that Shiva was just expressing her happiness?


  3. Shiva, I had to giggle at your “Lake Monster” picture. I’ll tell my little guys that even the big doggies jump in their mom’s laps when they see something scary. It is hard overcoming fear. You did a great job.


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