Less Wordy Wednesday – Bark in the Park

This weekend was the Nova Scotia SPCA’s annual Bark in the Park fundraising event. Once again, we were lucky to have some gorgeous weather and the turn out seemed to be at record highs. With multiple dogs every where one looked, it was a pretty magnificent day for this dog-obsessed blogger.

The highlight was hanging out with Nikita, one of the dogs now up for adoption at the Provincial Animal Shelter. As I am sure you can imagine, she won many hearts during the four hours we were there. Including my own.

I gotta say, it was nice walking a dog who loves everyone she meets, canine and human. I haven’t done that for a long time. Is this how the other half lives?

Jenna, one of Shiva’s agility friends. She doesn’t let a slight disability get in her way of a good time!

As a shelter alumnus, Shiva behaved really well. Yeah, she jumped on the registration table, but that’s just a given at this point. She stayed relaxed and enjoyed watching her agility friends during the demonstrations without getting too jealous.

And even though I was too busy to show off her skills, Shiva and my PH were a big hit during the trick competition. There are no signs of stage fright in this mutt. Shiva had no trouble performing one of her favourite cues, jumping into my PH’s arms. She spent the rest of the day proudly displaying her winning medal around her neck.

Though naturally, when it comes to supporting an important cause, everyone wins.

12 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – Bark in the Park

  1. Haha – that’s funny. I walked my Shadow for 14 years and she did not like other dogs. So to have the flip side of that with Blueberry, who is a real social butterfly is so different! Pretty cool!

    That looks like a fun event that Shiva really enjoyed!


  2. You’re really brave … I’m pretty sure if I ever walked a dog that loved everyone – people and dogs included – I couldn’t go back to my nuckleheads. It would be like flying first class one time and then having to go back to sitting in coach. I’m better off only walking my own dogs. =)

    Love the smiles on the dogs!


  3. What a great event, I hope lots of dogs got adopted that day. Looks like Nikita and Shiva got along well. hint hint 😉

    You’ve accomplished so much with Shiva, you should be so proud of all of you that she can attend such an event. I’m not sure Delilah could have done it.


  4. It sounds like Shiva had a fun time with the PH, and how nice of you to walk Nikita around and let her meet some peoples. You never know where her furever family might be lurking. Sometimes it takes us dogs a while to find them. 🙂


  5. I’m sure my dogs would jump on a table if they could reach one. 🙂 That is a great event, wish we had one like that around here. Yes, i could organize one, but I probably won’t.


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