Human Shaming: It’s About Time the Animals Had Their Say

Today is a special day because My Brown Newfies and Kol’s Notes are hosting a blog hop giving our long-suffering pets an opportunity to air their grievances.

And boy, do mine have a lot of grievances! To listen to them, you’d think they slept on the cold floor instead of the best bed in the house. Jeepers. But to be fair, I spend a great amount of time complaining about all the crazy things they do. It’s only right they show the world we humans aren’t the saints we like to think we are.

Unfortunately for them, this is my website and I only have so much time. While I am sure they could point fingers all day long about the torturous things we do – like forcing Shiva outside in the rain (shock! horror!), or preventing the cat from chewing computer cords (how dare we interfere) – I made them choose just one each. Frankly, I’m a little surprised the cat didn’t make that the subject of his shaming.

Poor, poor animals. However do they put up with me?


“I gave the cat’s toy to the Yorkie next door.”

In my defence, he was petrified by that toy.

“I pretend I have treats when my pockets are empty.”

Sorry, Sheevs. I have no excuse for this one. I am pretty sure this is a cardinal sin in the canine world.

Do your pets think you should be ashamed of anything?

24 thoughts on “Human Shaming: It’s About Time the Animals Had Their Say

  1. Oh yes. Shame! Shame!
    I laughed about the toy. I got a box of toys from Hartz once and ended up sending most of them home with our doggie friends, one went home with our doggie friend Dylan. He seemed to love it more than my dogs (I heard he still takes it out from time to time to chew on it).
    Shhhh!!! I also pretend to have treats. Does that make me a bad human? Poor Shivs. 🙂


  2. Oh yes, I’m in the shame hall of fame right now. Not only did I have a pair of adorable yorkies over for sleepovers last weekend… just when the dogs thought it was okay to relax and monopolize my attention – – –

    They’re baaaaaack!

    Cricket and Bailey say to me: You suck.

    Hoggle thinks the yorkies are kind of cute, actually. But don’t let anyone know!


  3. Oh, Kristine – don’t you know that as soon as you give their toys away, THAT’S when they want them the most?? (The Monkey couldn’t be MORE guilty of pretending to have treats when he does not. This is like a thrice-daily event at our house.)


  4. Bender says Sheevs needs to work on her sense of smell. He knows when my pockets are empty and when there might be a treat left in them after our walk. If I sit down on the couch after our walk and there’s a leftover treat he will obnoxiously nosebutt my pocket until I remove the treat, and if he has been particularly rude I will put it back in the treat jar!


  5. Pretendign you have treats when there aren’t any??? I think I woul throw a hissy fit and never talk to you again!! Good job Sheeva is more forgiving to me!!


  6. I too have pretended to have treats, but Desmond seems so pathetic about it, I usually give in and go get the guy a treat.


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