Everyone Needs A Pal

I shared the below video on Facebook a few weeks ago yet I still love watching it and can’t think of a good reason not to post it here as well. If you’ve seen it already, well, you can just see it again!

Lulu the Vizsla is Shiva’s first real canine pal. She’s played with hundreds of other dogs at the park but none of those relationships ever lasted beyond fifteen minutes. Since we see Lulu every week at agility class, Shiva has had the opportunity to actually build a stronger connection with her. This is something Shiva has never been able to do with any of the other dogs with whom we’ve practiced. The energy just wasn’t right. This gorgeous Vizsla also has the distinction of being the only dog capable of keeping up with our nutty girl.

In fact, and don’t tell the puppy I said this, I think Lulu actually beats Shiva when it comes to endurance. The Shivster would probably win a short track event but Lulu would definitely take her in a marathon. An impressive feat to be sure.

Unfortunately, silly Lulu has some personal problems of her own that prevent everyone from seeing her fun-loving side. It makes me sad that so often she needs to be isolated from the other dogs in class. Her humans put this video together to prove just how brilliant she is when in a comfortable environment. If you watch all the way though, you should also catch Shiva in a quick cameo appearance. After about five seconds in, I think I’ll see why our two gals make such good friends.

We are so grateful Shiva has a little Lulu in her life. Hopefully we’ll get to see even more of her in the future. Even more, I hope she continues to increase her confidence and shows off her true self more often.

Does your dog have a best friend?

13 thoughts on “Everyone Needs A Pal

  1. Cute video! Nice cameo, Shiva!
    Rita definitely has a best friend – a high-energy boxer (looks a lot like the one friend in the video!) named Dakota. They love to play and run at the beach together.


  2. Oh my dog, that was AWESOME!!! I don’t know what I would do if I had a dog with that much energy 🙂 I loved Shiva’s cameo – they are both SO FAST!!! Perfect song choice too! It’s so nice that Shiva has a high energy friend to play with – thanks for sharing! I think anyone that is thinking about getting a Vizsla should watch her go!! Do they really have two boxers AND a Vizsla – WOW!!! Too fun!


  3. SUCH a vizsla! They are indeed a special breed, I know everyone loves their dogs but I think the bond between Vizsla people and their dogs is just something else… simply for the fact that they are so human like in their mannerisms and antics and thinking. It’s hard to explain. She looks like an amazing dog, and that she has some amazing owners that work hard with her.
    Shiva has legs on Lulu but i bet if they were the same size LuLu would out-sprint her too. Luna is one of the smallest Vizslas in this area and she has outrun (and Definately out maneauvered) 90% of the dogs she runs with. I like to call her my marathon sprinter… leaves me wishing i had even 1/16th of her fitness/energy lol.
    Thanks for sharing the video, makes me want to take more of my girl as it just adds a whole new element compared to just pictures. Sometimes I focus too much on how much work Luna is and her pickiness with other dogs and not on how amazing she is in life overall. Thanks for the perspective check.


  4. I’m not sure how I missed this video the first time. What an amazing dog, I’ve always loved the look of the Vizsla. She’s an ace on that agility run, eh?

    Delilah got along super well with our friends dog, another female. I was actually quite surprised as I thought the two females would butt heads, but surprisingly Sampson was the snarky one in that situation. Sampson and Delilah are each other’s best friends, but I think that is because they don’t have as much interaction with dogs other than each other. 🙂 They wrestle the same way those two dogs do.

    It would be nice to have a couple friend that also had a dog so we could all hang out.


  5. I’m like Shiva, I don’t make friends very easily, so I’m glad she found one (even if it IS a Meadow dog). Usually, I’m more of a “peoples” dog than a dogs dog. Maybe I just have met the right friend yet either.


  6. Thanks for sharing such a great video! The song was perfect for such a high energy dog. I can see why Lulu and Shiva get along so well, they’re both turbo dogs!
    Maggie and Duke have been best friends since the moment they met, people ask if they’re litter mates since they’re so similar. I have to make a video of them chasing each other soon; Maggie sends Duke flying!


  7. Oh my goodness, what a hyper dog Lulu is! I love how she jumps vertically up behind the door. She just looks SO very happy. Is she very young?

    Georgia goes through best friends and boyfriends like we change underwear. Sometimes, it’s not her “fault”. They just stopped coming to the park at the same time or moved away to other cities or countries. In fact, she’s in the process of changing boyfriends at this very moment! This fickle behaviour can be quite embarrassing for us humans 😉


  8. That is just too sweet! Vizslas are amazing creatures, so gorgeous. Dante’s BFF would probably be my brother’s rat terrier mix. They weren’t friendly at first, but now they love zooming around together and are happy to both be in my or my brother’s lap. 🙂


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