How to Get the Most Out of BarkWorld?

Okay fellow pet bloggers, I need your help. I’ve got most things figured out now for my trip to BarkWorld. My passport is on its way, I know what I am going to do for cash, and I know where I will be sleeping. If I sleep at all. I might even have a costume picked out for Thursday’s Halloween blowout. And I am not a costume person.

Unfortunately, my biggest challenge is in deciding which sessions to attend. If only I could put little spy cameras up every where so I don’t miss a moment. Do you think I could get a sponsor for that? In the event I can’t find anyone in time, I should probably come up with a better plan.

Luckily, most of the major events and keynotes are during times where nothing else is going on, such as the important talk by the president of the ASPCA on using social media strategies to inspire communities. I am relieved I won’t have to make a difficult choice in that time slot.

However, there are many I know I won’t be able to decide on until the last minute. As an example, on Saturday afternoon there are three sessions at 1:45 pm. One is on blogging while broke – a great topic, one is being given by the vice president of the USDAA – a huge personal interest, and the third is on podcasting and vlogging – something I’ve considered getting into. How do I possibly choose between them?

This is where I solicit your advice. If you were going to attend a blogging conference, what topic would interest you the most? What do you think is absolutely essential for a blogger to learn? Or, if you have been to similar conferences in the past, from which sessions did you learn the most? Which subjects did you find the most helpful or worthwhile when putting the information into practice?

Since I will no doubt be sharing a lot of my experiences here, is there anything in particular you would like to read about?

14 thoughts on “How to Get the Most Out of BarkWorld?

  1. Oh boy, I’m with you I’d want to attend them all! I’m no help, I realize. I can’t wait to read your posts and see what you learned. You’ll have a great experience!


  2. That’s been my experience with the one conference I did attend. I think for myself I would sit down and figure out what goals I have for my blog and then look at the classes offered and see which class/seminar would benefit those goals.

    Or make friends with someone attending one of those other classes and get their notes. 😉


  3. Most times when I attend events like the one you are attending – you can get information on the sessions you can’t attend. There are usually handouts – power point print outs etc. Take a quick walk by the conference room right after the talk is done and see what you can grab


  4. I had the same issue with BlogPaws! There were times when I wanted to attend all five of the sessions offered during a time slot. My best advice is to go with what you feel will be most relevant to you. Some of the BlogPaws presentations were put up later so we could watch the ones we missed. I don’t know if BarkWorld will offer that option, but it’s something you might look into. Also, think about which ones you might be able to research more on your own. I’m guessing you can find a lot about making your own podcast and vlogging online, and there are some great sites like Tout that let you do a video of version of Tweeting and allow you to embed them on your blog or website. I learned a ton about social media when I went, and also learned that there’s a lot available that I have no clue about! lol Honestly, just go into it and try to find the best fit for you!


  5. Do you know any one going? My advice, divide and conquer. I faced this dilemma at BlogPaws (big time) and I was lucky that a few of us agreed to take and share notes.

    For me, I want to go to the USDAA talk, but I would probably make myself go to the “Blogging while Broke” seminar. As interesting as the VLogging would be, I just know I’m not there yet!


  6. I so wish I was going too. However, if there was anyone I think should go it is you. You are a great blogger and I love that you get the chance to benefit from all your hardwork by learning more.

    To be honest, having never been to any pet blogging conferences, I am not sure what I would choose. I did look at the line up and it looks good. I couldn’t find the USDAA one (is that the agility one?), but the others sound interesting. I think if you can divide and conquer that might be your best bet.

    I look forward to reading anything you write on two of the keynote speeches – Lost Dogs and Madonna of the Mills. The man who made Madonna of the Mills commented on my blog post on it. I would so love to speak to him. And you know anything on lost dogs would interest me. Whichever session you decide to attend, I know I will look forward to your updates.
    Have a great time Kristine!


  7. When I attend events like this, I have two ways to make decisions about which sessions to go to. My primary strategy is to treat the conference like school. Given the parameters of the conference, what do I want to “major” in? Then I go to all the talks on that topic, no matter what. My secondary strategy is to consider who the speakers are — do I have reasons to think that some are more informed or more entertaining than others? will they be a good network connection for me? If so, I go to their sessions.

    Enjoy the conference!


  8. I print out the schedule ahead of time and highlight the ones I’m interested in. I tend to choose at the last minute if it is a tough choice, going on impulse. I plan what I can and go with the flow for the rest. However, I know I won’t get to everything I want to. Sometimes Pepper decides for me that it is breaktime, and forces me to miss a session. Sometimes I am exhausted or my brain is too full, so I need a little downtime. I wish I could have more dependable health. Good Luck! See you there!


  9. I agree with Carrie that you should attend the workshops you can’t get elsewhere. You’ll find hundreds of tutorials online about podcasting and vlogging. But some of the other topics are more unusual.

    My other criterion is to choose the workshops where I need the most firing up to move forward. For instance, I know how to do some things but can’t bring myself to do them. So that would be the topic I’d hit.

    At BlogPaws, I also found the case history workshops most helpful. It’s always nice to see real world examples.

    Whatever you attend, I know you’ll have a great time and learn lots. Hope you’ll post your costume picture.

    Don’t forget to take lots of business cards. And, if you have a nice picture of Shiva you could print on a t-shirt, it would bring your followings out of the woodwork to meet you.


  10. Based on my recent experince at FinCon (the financial bloggers’ conference) here’s what I would recommend.
    First, find out if the events are being recorded. Every talk at FinCon was and was made available to conference attendees. That way, you didn’t have to miss anything other than the chance to ask a question.
    Second, figure out what goals you really have for your blog. There were a lot of talks at FinCon about making money from your blog, or turning it into a career. I attended one and while it was interesting, it made me realize that that was not where I wanted to go with my blogs. I was then able to sit back down with the schedule and figure out what sessions would actually address my goals for the blog, not just “that sounds interesting” topics.


  11. I look at the topic and the speakers when I choose the sessions to attend. First, if there is a speaker I’d like to listen to I usually attend regardless of the topic he/she is speaking about. When choosing topics I usually find it better to attend sessions that I have the least knowledge about. In the past I’ve attended sessions that I had a solid grasp of the topic, but wanted to learn more. Unfortunately, these sessions ended up being the least helpful.


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