Less Wordy Wednesday – Shiva of the Sunflowers

Just when I thought all the bright cheeriness of summer was long behind us, a thicket of sunflowers burst into bloom along our driveway. I can’t think of a lovelier surprise.

Since moving here in July, I have noticed many such pretty additions to the landscape. Whoever lived here previously must have shared my enjoyment of wildflowers. It makes me excited to see what we will find in the spring.

For now, I get to enjoy the sunnier parts of early autumn. The weather has been so warm, our leaves have yet to change. But I am looking forward to that as well. I have a feeling the large maple in our backyard will be a photographer’s dream.

If only I had the skills to capture it all. I have to give recognition to the writer of Tails and Tales . Every Wednesday she comes up with a creative new way of showcasing her dogs through pictures. Given how long it took me to get Shiva to pose for these ones, I don’t know how she does it. Even strategically placed treats don’t always do the trick for me.

Most of the time, I just get lucky.

17 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – Shiva of the Sunflowers

  1. Awww that is so pretty! I love sunflowers, and the best part is, they reseed themselves and come back every year. The pretty yellow finches come and eat the seeds, I love to watch them, sometimes they hang upside down! Shiva looks so pretty there.


  2. Bunny’s human is for sure the real deal when it comes to photography, and of course her subjects are gorgeous also, which doesn’t hurt.

    I love these photos of Shiva in the sunflowers … especially the one where she appears to be smelling the flowers!


  3. Oh, I LOVE those last two! Actually, I really like all of them, but those last two are my favorites!

    As for how I get pictures, a lot of it is luck, and I know Bunny well enough to know how she’ll react to some things. Other times I either use the tripod and remote control for the camera (they’re cheap, I think mine was about $10, but it was a birthday present, so I’m not sure) so I can stand to the side and get her attention that way, or I just ask my husband to stand to the side and get their attention that way, which is what I usually do with multiple dog shots. For today’s pictures, Bunny stood in the exact same spot the entire time! Blueberry will take a step or two, so hubby will move her back into place for me and work on her attention. Bunny will occasionally look at me like “Really? Do I have to work with these amateurs?” Mostly, I just try to be sure to plan plenty of time to get the picture I want. If I’m relaxed, they are, too!


  4. I love the wildflowers too – just do not like the bees they attract!

    I also lack photography skills and a willing dog. I sometimes question my sanity in taking 50 pictures just to find one that is usable!


  5. I can so relate to your comment on Carrie’s pictures. All of my pictures are luck!
    I especially love the the pic of Shiva with her tilted head in the flowers. I love sunflowers, don’t you?


  6. How beautiful! How fun it will be to see what happens in the spring. There’s nothing like yellow flowers to feel like there is sunshine around you. And look at the Shiva in the middle of it…what a perfect day!!


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