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Blog the Change 

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month may be long over but I am sure there are still plenty of people out there interested in adopting a rescued feline for their own. If you are one of these people you may want to re-think your plans. Sure, cats make wicked pets. It’s a privilege to share your life with one. However, there are several caveats to cat ownership that may change your mind:

– As Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes learned, cat people are way cooler than dog people. Say goodbye to those hoodies and jogging pants. Cat people move in high style. If your fashion budget isn’t prepared for the sheer sartorial splendour a cat will bring you, then it’s best to back out before it’s too late.

– Cat videos are the most commonly searched item on Youtube. If you don’t have a camera with which to capture all your cat’s moments of magnificence, there is no point in having a feline pet at all.

– Cats make dogs look downright foolish. Shiva is around 40 pounds of muscle. Our cat is 11 pounds of fluff. He frequently sends her fleeing with a lift of his paw. From the first day she entered our home he made it very clear she would be subservient to him. If you aren’t ready to see your rugged shepherd turn into a cowering puppy, you may not want to get a cat.

– When you have a cat, you are no longer in charge of your household. Everyone knows that dogs have owners and cats have staff. Even the loyal Kenzo learned to obey the cat first and his people second. Forget about keeping them off the furniture or attempting to retain ownership of any high space in your home. Windowsills, mantels, chairs, beds, shelves, the top of the refrigerator, these all belong to the cat now. You are just going to have to find another place to put those picture frames.

Speaking of photos, any you take in the home are all going to include your cat. They practically invented the concept of photobombing. You may think you are snapping a shot of Aunt Margaret standing by the window but if you give it a closer look, you’ll probably spot your kitty hovering somewhere.

– You may have heard that cats are very clean animals. This is definitely true. Unfortunately, this obsession with neatness and grooming causes some not-s0-tidy consequences. There is nothing like the sound of a cat puking up a hairball at three o’clock in the morning. Especially when you know the cat is somewhere between you and the light switch. And your feet are bare.

– Your dog probably greets you at the door with a wagging tail and a lolling tongue. Your cat will greet you too but more likely with a sneer and an accusatory meow. If you have low self-esteem, a cat may not be for you.

If you are a man, a cat will get you far too much attention from the opposite sex. Any doubters can just ask my PH. Heterosexual females should check out I Have Cat’s Man Cat Monday and I bet they’ll have to agree. What male wants countless women hanging around his front door or begging for his phone number? What a hassle.

– Finally, cats are beautiful creatures with individual personalities and many gifts to share. They deserve just as much love and affection as a dog and if you don’t think you can provide this, then it’s probably best you steer clear. There are enough neglectful cat owners out there, the world doesn’t need another cat abandoned on the street because a human wasn’t prepared for the responsibility of a pet.

So what do you think? Have I changed your mind? If you are brave enough to take the risk and willing to lose your heart to a feline friend, – snobbish ways, puke, and all – the right one is just a few clicks away.

20 thoughts on “Blog the Change: Reasons Not to Adopt a Cat

    • I love your post! Gotta love the 3am cat-puking-up-a-hairball wake-up call.

      And yes, there are enough (um, way too many) neglectful cat owners out there. That’s how I ended up with my two boys, dumped at the shelter because they were too high maintenance.


  1. I could never have a cat because a) I am allergic and b) I have a very fragile ego. lol

    I cat sat once for a friend with 4 cats. One of them was the resident watch dog and he would pretend to want to be petted and then would take a swipe at my hand. He’d also bat at my hand until I turned the faucet on for him and as I was leaving, he would chase me out the door. It was a love/hate thing I think. 😉


  2. Well you don’t have to talk us into cats. We have somewhere around 21 here that are mostly feral kitties that were born close by and I lured them over here so they could have something to eat. But all that info is so true. Well written.


  3. Great post Kristine, I really loved the hairball, but if you have a dog more than likely the hairball will be gone by the time you get up! Personally I’d like an indoor/outdoor cat but I’m afraid in the area in which we live, the cat wouldn’t last too long outside. 😦

    Well written, great twist on this BTC.


  4. You are so right. I have two cats who rule all the humans, dogs, birds, the refrigerator top, fireplace mantle, and every single shelf in this house. If something is in their way (animal, vegetable or mineral), it simply gets flicked, flung or fluffed aside.

    Oh, I have recently purchased a brand new wardrobe too – which I thought was because I dropped a few pounds. It turns out you’re probably right. The clothes I bought aren’t just smaller, they’re about 50 times cooler – because being cat person demands it.

    Still, I have no regrets. Somebody had to put me in my place – even if that means being cool, all of a sudden. Cheers to cats!

    Thanks so much for Blogging the Change!

    Kim Clune


  5. Our fave of course was the “sartorial splendor” comment. *grin*
    We’re sooooooo cat peeps here. (wait. we ARE cats.)
    And we’re embarrassed – no, downright humiliated to have to ask this for our human, but she’s rather slow and can’t figure out what PH stands for. She’s heard SO (significant other) but is having some difficulty in the translation over here.

    *sigh* you know how it is with humans….


    • Don’t be embarrassed! PH is the term I use for my “practically husband”. We’ve been engaged for eons – almost five years, anyway – but there is no wedding dress in sight.

      Thanks for coming by!


  6. Aw man. I’m in the market for a 40 pound cat who’ll catch and eat hawks. None of your descriptions fit that kind of cat. I’ll just need to find something else. Thanks for popping by today. 🙂


  7. LOL! I think you and AJ were on the same page today – humor and education.

    I laughed out loud at the photobombing – so true!
    I also laughed at the cat being “top dog” so to speak. It is the same in my house. In fact, Daisy was afraid to even look at Nick when she first came home with me. And, of course, Nick took full advantage of this by sitting in front of her and staring at her. She was too terrified to move! I often had to shoo him away so she could go hide in her kennel. Poor girl.

    Terrific post Kristine. So loved your take on adopting a cat. All of it is true. 🙂


  8. I think its cause some allergies inside our house I don’t like sometimes if there are going to poh smells really bad..


  9. I love this post! So true – one of my cats kicks Cali out of her bed every morning and wakes me up (little brat!) and every time we buy Cali a new bed (this weekend) we come home and find a cat sleeping on it and our poor dog on the hardwood floor! They definitely rule the roost!! But we LOVE them!


  10. Another reason? Adopting a cat just leads to adopting MORE CATS. Seriously. We have one and now the other half is all “oh, he’s lonely. He needs another cat.” What am I running a cat plantation?! **sigh** If only they weren’t so snuggly…


  11. Hahaha I loved this post! I’ve never been a cat person growing up, I was always highly allergic and had bad experiences with unsocial cats in the past. The I got my current job at an SPCA and I fell in LOVE with them! I was missing out! Now I have not one but TWO furballs and my allergies are barely noticeable (crazy huh?). I catch myself taking millions of pictures of them and my profile picture is even with one of them…you gotta love them!


  12. Hilarious post! I love your take on Blog the Change this time around… I really wish I could have a cat, but Tavish and Bella are both cat chasers. Little stinkers.


  13. Just now getting around to Blog the Change. I always had cats as a child and they loved to be held. But my daughter’s cat hates me! She hisses at me and bats at me with her paw. My mom’s cat and my daughter’s cat are both aloof, and rarely like to be held. If I got a cat, I’d want to find one who enjoyed curling up on my lap. Brooks and Kelly do not like cats.


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