Halloween Costume Roundup 2012

Every Halloween I like to check out the latest fashions for canines. The options are usually limitless and always hilarious. Last year I posted a picture of a dog in a pimp outfit (ugh) and now “big daddy pimp” is one of the most common search terms for this website. My mom would be so proud.

The first one to catch my attention this October is one of the Bret Michaels’ costumes available through PetSmart. No, it’s not a rocker outfit. Why would you want to dress your dog up as a boring musician when he can be a whole tour bus?

Note the wheels along the bottom. Nothing says “adorable dog” like rubber tires. That’s what I’m talking about.*

Petco also has an amusing line-up. As for the most humiliating choice in the catalogue I am torn. It’s either the hula girl :

This cat looks far too happy to be wearing a bikini.

Or the hotdog:

Dogs dressed as food. It just seems wrong on so many levels. But no worse than the sexualized cat, I guess.

If you live in the Maritimes, this lobster costume found on Amazon.com may be ideal. It’s always good to advertise for the local economy, right? This dog looks so proud, too.

Unfortunately, I found one in my search that wasn’t so funny but I think requires commentary. While this was supposed to be a humourous post, I can’t keep my dismay to myself. Am I alone in questioning the motivation behind the below?

I assume it’s supposed to be funny. A little dog dressed as a big-toothed beast. I’m afraid I didn’t giggle. In a world where dogs are killed based on appearance alone, I don’t get the joke. Maybe I am looking too much into it. The dog doesn’t look like any recognizable breed, though it’s clear it is meant to be a bull dog of some variety. But at best, the dog is portrayed as rabid. Since I don’t find rabies something to laugh about, nor is it a costume I would want on my dog, I am not going to be visiting the Glamour Dog website in the future.

On that sour note, I will share with you my two favourites, both found on SpiritHalloween.com:

I think Shiva would make a brilliant Lady Dogga.

I don’t know if I like this Bloomin’ Snout costume so much for the outfit itself, or if it’s more because of the happy dog inside. As cheerful as any flower.

Have you seen any interesting pet costumes in your travels?

ETA: It was pointed out to me in the comments that Sammy Sam has rubber tires and he is definitely a cutie. I stand corrected and apologize for my thoughtless words. Sammy Sam’s rubber tires are quite the brilliant thing. But I still think the fake tires on the tour bus costume are weird. Really, the whole costume is weird.

13 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Roundup 2012

  1. That Lady Daga (yes I just renamed it) is fabulous! I think the hot dog is weird and I didn’t recognise the bus. I thought it was some sort of robot. I’m sure Georgia will be very pleased that we don’t do costumes in this household (not since the Christmas antlers and aborted home sewn psychedelic flowers outfit).


    • We don’t really do costumes either. At least not fancy ones like these. Last year I made her wear a quick outfit I pulled together from stuff around the house but it was just for a brief photo. We’ll see if I even bother with that this year.

      The antlers were fabulous, by the way.


    • Hahaha. The lobster one is pretty great. I’m kind of glad I didn’t find it sooner as I would have been tempted to buy it!


  2. Hi Kristine, ahh with respect to your comment that, “Nothing says “adorable dog” like rubber tires, ” well I have rubber tires 🙂 Hope all is well on your side of the country. We still have that wine/beer for you and your PH. Bison jerky for Shiva.


    • True enough. But your tires actually move and look awesome! The tires on the costume, not so much. I will edit the post to clarify. Sammy’s tires: very cool. Fake bus tires on costume: weird.

      Bison jerky, eh? Shiva is drooling already!


  3. I could see the one costume appealing to Frankenweenie fans. It’s not my taste, but I guess there are different strokes for different folks!

    I usually make the dogs’ costumes for our nursing home visits. It gives me a chance to try some creative things and have a little fun, and it allows me to modify it so that I can be sure they can walk comfortably in it at the nursing home. They won’t be wearing costumes on Halloween, though, they’ll just greet people at the door in their Halloween collars and bandannas!


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