Less Wordy Wednesday – Scoopin’ in the Dark

For the last few weeks my morning and evening walks with Shiva have looked a lot like this:

Sometimes, they’ve even looked like this:

Yep, that’s a real photo I took of Shiva this morning. Can’t you see her standing on one leg while juggling three sticks? No? Dang.

It’s only a few more months until the mornings start getting lighter again but I know the time is going to drag. This is always the time of year when I have to start going through my photo stash to find good pictures to use in blog posts. I can only show so many shots of blurry black nothingness before my credibility as a professional photographer crashes and burns.

One of the most awkward consequences of dark walking is dark scooping. It’s so hard to see poop on the ground when I can barely see two feet in front of me. I have to blindly flail around and hope for the best. A flashlight might help prevent some of the nastier accidents. I am sure I’d only look slightly insane holding up a penlight while groping in the bushes.

The things they don’t tell you before getting a dog, eh? If I’d known ahead of time all it entailed I wouldn’t have bothered maintaining an aura of normalcy for so long. I could have just acted completely nutty from the start. All that time spent brushing my hair wasted…

18 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – Scoopin’ in the Dark

  1. Ug, I hate scooping in the dark! I always have a flashlight or the light on my phone, thankfully Hubby is with me and he holds the leash and flashlight while I get the honors of scooping.



  2. My peoples try to get us all to poo in the yard before we leave for our walks to make scooping easier….but we don’t always cooperate. Luckily for them, there are streetlights. (they don’t walk us in the woods at night and they are NOT morning peoples)


  3. BOL – we’ve got it in reverse. It is so hot here in the summer that all our blog photos are the boys laying on the carpet, melting into little puddles of fur.



  4. Headlamp!!! The only downside I found to having one is sometimes the sight of one make your (well, my) hounds think its time to go hunting! LOL

    Oh, and if you get one that just has the one band for around your head, you can wear it more like a necklace if you don’t want funny stares from the neighborhood while still having hands-free lighting..


  5. We are just getting our darker mornings and evenings:( I have to take a little torch out early mornings and in the evenings. Luckily it is light enough by the time I walk Polly not to have to take the torch.

    I did see on Bunny’s blog about a collar that lights up, which might help you and Shiva.


  6. I have a flashlight app on my phone and I proudly whip it out when I have to pick up one of Blueberry’s offerings. About the only drawback are the moths that are attracted to it. Very distracting to have a moth flying around your face and hands when you are trying to scoop! Come on – you know you are a little envious of those of us with a flashlight app – right? 😉


  7. I thought I’d see a picture of you scooping poop here. Bummer. I think your pictures of the dark are very atmospheric. You only have to take them once and you can use them every autumn/winter after. That’s good, no? How about a headlight or flashlight on a lanyard? It works for us.


  8. Hi Kristine!
    it’s Dakota and my Mom! She wanted to thank you for your kind words about my photo today.
    She is embarrassed to tell you that she had no clue the shadows were even IN the photo until AFTER the fact! She used a new camera and had no clue what she was doing!
    Ohhh my Dad is the one who picks up poop in the dark and he sure feels your pain!
    BTW…we just started following you!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota and “Mom”


  9. My hubby prefers the headlamp 🙂 You can just picture him out walking the dog with his headlamp on, can’t you? I hope you have some light soon – we need to see Shiva!!


  10. On the story of scooping…

    Once up a forst morning typist was taking her dog out for a walk. When he squatted, she kept a small distance so as not to put him off and when he had finished went to pick it up….

    to her dismay and complete and utter yuck she got the wrong pile and rather than picking up her dogs mess she got a frozen pile underneath we slugs!! You should have seen the grossed out dance she did!!



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    Until next time


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