The 13 Project – Join Me?

We are all constantly looking for ways to help animals in our communities. Yet, with our high drive lifestyles we don’t often make the time to do as much as we’d like. This is how I feel, anyway. There is so much I want to do. Unfortunately, I usually end up talking about these things a lot more than I actually do them. It all seems a little daunting at times and I find myself questioning my capability. What power can one shy, broke, and inexperienced woman really have?

This is how I felt until I read this post on Sarah Hosick’s blog  and the 13 Project took me by the shoulders and gave me a solid reality shake. I wish I’d found out about it before last week’s Blog the Change event as it fits in perfectly with the theme of creating change without spending a dime. It reminds us all that we as individuals can make a serious difference, one animal or even one blog post, at a time. Though I am definitely late to the party, when I read about the 13 Project as created by Pretty Fluffy I knew I had to sign up.

The 13 Project is all about making a commitment to doing 13 acts of kindness for animals before the end of the year. The goals should all be achievable things one can do with the resources available. We all have different skills that can contribute to the cause, no small how small we think they seem. It’s not about perfection or competition. No one person’s actions are better or more important than anyone else’s. You don’t need to have a lot of money – or any at all. You don’t need to have a network of thousands or be a board member of a large organization. You don’t even need to have any spare time to volunteer.

The only thing required is a desire to help.

When the project began there were exactly 13 weeks left before the end of 2012. Since I discovered it a few weeks in, I have some catching up to do!

Here is my list of goals for the rest of 2012:

1. Share and promote the 13 Project online.

2. Participate in National Pit Bull Awareness Day.

3. Contact my local shelter about becomming a foster home for cats or kittens.

4. Commit to running the 10K in next year’s Bluenose Marathon to raise $1,000 for the Nova Scotia SPCA.

5. Attend BarkWorld Expo and learn new ways to promote the awesomeness of cats.

6. Purchase one of these calendars for my friends and family.

7. Share the photos of adoptable pets on Facebook and Pinterest.

8. On my blog share as many online campaigns I can find that support animal welfare but don’t require cash donations – such as this terrific #BTC4A campaign to raise $5,000 of Petco’s money.

9. Teach my cat a unique trick and share the video to spread awareness that cats are just as much fun as dogs.

10. Write a letter to Jungle Pets, the only store in the HRM that still sells puppies and kittens, to explain why I won’t shop there.

11. Write a letter to Pets Unlimited, a chain that finally stopped selling puppies and kittens, to explain why I now will shop there.

12. Donate pet food to Feed Nova Scotia.

13. Steal some more business cards from my favourite trainers to hand out and promote positive training methods.

I know most of you are involved in many animal welfare related activities and are filled with many ideas of the small ways we can help. If you have any suggestions of easy things we can do to make a difference in the lives of pets in our communities, please chime in!

I know we are all strapped for time, but if you’d like to join the 58 others who have committed to the 13 Project check out the details here. If thirteen goals are too many, you can always aim for five, or even just one! The idea isn’t to see who can do more; it’s just to do something, no effort is too small.


14 thoughts on “The 13 Project – Join Me?

  1. It’s a great project Kristine and I bet when you come back from BarkWorld you are going to have so many more ideas!

    Right now I’m in over my head with a bunch of stuff I have going on but I can sure help by promoting posts that are promoting. I’m also going to be working a Labs 4 Rescue Adoption even on the 10th of November.

    I do so wish I could foster, but Hubby’s not with me on that right now, so I will have to wait on that one. 🙂


  2. I agree, I think you’re going to have A LOT more ideas when you come back from BarkWorld! You’ve got a great plan and a fantastic list of goals. You also have a strong voice and determination, and I know you will make a big difference!


  3. Great project! It’s so true, often it’s hard to find the time to help in certain causes. It doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in that cause enough, it’s just that you have to schedule it for yourself.
    It’s like work – you have to plan ahead to get things done! And in this case, it’s even better, because it’s 13 awesome initiatives!
    Good luck with the project!


  4. Thank you so much for joining The 13 Project! “The only thing required is a desire to help.” – your quote sums up the idea perfectly. I’m so glad to have you on board with your wonderful list – good luck! xx


  5. What a great way for you peoples to help doggies (and even evil kitties) in need. Thank you for taking part in it and telling others about it. If it convinces even one person to do a little something extra, it is worth it!


  6. I actually saw this on Cate’s site, Blanket ID, a while back and thought about doing the same thing Kristine.

    Ironically, I deleted it from my list of possible future blog posts the very evening before you posted your piece on the same topic on your blog. I had decided not to do it because I have been so overwhelmed and busy lately that I didn’t think I could add 13 more things to my list.

    I think the universe must be trying to tell me something, don’t you?

    I think I need to think about my list. Is it cheating if I have already done some stuff this year?

    Glad you decided to do this.


  7. Love the idea, and your 13 goals sound great! Sounds like a fun way to help animals while getting others involved. I especially like how you are going to teach your cat a unique trick and post a video! And I’m excited for you to foster cats/kittens!


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