Halloween 2012 Shenanigans

Nothing can beat the costumes I came up with last year so this round I didn’t even try. seriously, my idea to go as Charlie Brown was pure genius. Unbeatable in it’s sheer brilliance. With all the nuttiness of October I knew I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything creative. Instead we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart, nabbed a $5 pair of butterfly wings, and called Shiva’s costume done. I wouldn’t have bothered with even that if she didn’t have an important brouhaha to attend. While I was getting educated at BarkWorld, Shiva was doing some trick or treating at Shubenacadie Park.

My PH is such a brave soul. From all reports Shiva did very well in the huge crowds and didn’t jump on a single table. I don’t know if I believe that last but I give him full credit for venturing out with her to a dog event on his own. They came back with a huge haul of treats that even our starving dog couldn’t eat all at once. Hopefully next year I will be able to come along!

Actual Halloween night was much less exciting – thankfully. Our new house is on a quiet, dead-end road with only a few children. Unlike last year where we found ourselves huddled in a dark basement to avoid the hordes, this time we actually welcomed the half a dozen visitors and happily gave out candy. I was so proud of our girl for keeping her cool in a potentially anxious situation. She greeted each child with a small woof and a sniff at their treat bags. The kids, most who already knew her by sight, said a brief hello and went on their merry little way. No blood, no carnage, no screams of terror, not even any disapproving looks from parents.


Unfortunately, there was one downer on an otherwise relaxing evening. Via Twitter, the writer of Mayzie’s Dog Blog posted a picture of her handsome cat Smudge in costume and issued what I took as a challenge. I believe her exact words were, “anyone can dress up a dog, but what about a cat?” That sounds like a challenge to me! And one I couldn’t pass up. If only The Cat was as enthusiastic about the whole thing as I was.

Don’t let his cute expression fool you. This photo was snapped only with feelings of massive guilt. Not only did he not want to wear the bandana, he made sure to make me feel like a jerk for even thinking it would be a good idea. I will preserve his dignity by not showing the pictures of him hiding in the corner. Poor kitty. I am going to owe him big time for this one.

Happy Halloween! I hope you had a fun night!

13 thoughts on “Halloween 2012 Shenanigans

  1. Giddyup, TC! Ha! Yeah…cats can put on the whole “why do you hate me so” act pretty well. Didn’t he know that once challenged, one can NOT back down? Sometimes one has to sacrifice one’s dignity for the sake of honor. But I do hope you slept with one eye open that night.

    Good job to Shiva and your PH for braving the park. Sounds like a good time was had by all!


  2. Love the pic of Shiva in the park with her wings! They look cute on Kitty-man too. 🙂
    Maggie and Duke both give us the “why do you hate me” face if we try anything besides a dog coat. They look like they’re going to cry if we try a hat on them.


  3. I was out at capoeira. On the bus home, I got a text from Cushion to say the house was dark and to be careful going up the front steps BOL. We’re pretty awful aren’t we? Yesterday in the city, there were still young people (not kids) wandering around as skeletons, witches, with gore on their faces, bandages trailing and (my personal favourite) horse heads.


  4. Those butterfly wings seem to totally suit her! Poor kitty – I put hats on mine last year, but this year I gave them a break 🙂 They can thank the kittens for that!


  5. Shiva is such a good girl for being so polite with the Trick-or-Treaters! Dexter, not so much. Ever single time the door bell rang there was barking and (attempting) to investigate. Oh yeah, good times..


  6. That cat looks downright angry! Shiva looks adorable. I’m wondering if you have any funny stories about the wings? I put them on Delilah once and it was quite amusing to watch her bounce off walls as she walked down the hall. (Reminded me of my drunken walk on a cruise ship. 😉 )


  7. I had cats prior to getting my small dogs.

    When I bought sweaters for the dogs, I had to try them on the cats. I pictures of them both, each in the same argyle sweater, with that look of ‘oh god please tell me this isn’t going to be a regular thing around here’ on their fuzzy little faces.

    It wasn’t.

    But once, just once, it was hilarious.


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