The Georgia Aquarium is as Beautiful as Expected

I cannot lie. One of the most anticipated parts of my trip to Atlanta and BarkWorld was the tour of the Georgia Aquarium. Unless I find a way to get to the conference next year, I don’t see myself getting to Atlanta again. Therefore, a chance to view the world’s largest aquarium is not an opportunity I could take lightly. When I received the confirmation email that I was one of ten bloggers sponsored by Apartment Guide, I was so pumped I had to rush outside to where my PH was working just to brag about the good news. He was suitably impressed.

If you have been there before, you will know that all of my excitement was deserved. Not only was the experience of a once in a lifetime quality, but the amount I learned from our volunteer tour guide could make up a series of blog posts. We arrived there before the aquarium was open to the public and were treated to a behind the scenes look at what is involved in keeping the animals healthy and active.

With 6.3 million gallons of water, you can imagine this job isn’t easy. They rely upon knowledgeable staff along with a large number of volunteers to keep the space running. I am still amazed at how well it all comes together. This is no sideshow.

I have visited the Vancouver Aquarium several times and was always impressed with the displays and with the amount of research performed. Georgia takes this to a new level. Not only are the biologists involved in experiments that have added to a crucial pool of knowledge of marine life everywhere in the world, but the aquarium itself provides a unique experience to visitors from all over the world. Where else can one travel through a 270 degree view of an underwater paradise?

My only complaint is that we didn’t have more time to take it all in. It’s going to take some time to go through all my pictures. In retrospect, I should have taken better notes so that I could relay more accurate information. Regardless, the beauty of the animals can probably speak for itself. I am so grateful to both BarkWorld and Apartment Guide for the chance to make my PH extremely jealous. Here is an all too brief look at some of what I saw:

7 thoughts on “The Georgia Aquarium is as Beautiful as Expected

  1. Looks like a fab place. We have Sea Life Centres here and the nearest to me is only 15 minutes drive away. I’ve been to that and another elsewhere in the country. They have the walkway under the water and it is awesome.


  2. Wow – what a fantastic perk BarkWorld offered! I had no idea. And getting in before the public would rock my world, too. Totally awesome. Thanks for sharing the video. It looks amazing!


  3. So excited to hear about your experience. The aquarium looks so beautiful. My next book is about an orphaned baby seal who ended up in the New England Aquarium, which is also a beautiful facility.


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