Black and White Sunday – Sleepy Shivers

Normalcy has returned to Shiva-land and we’ve been having a good time chilling out this weekend. The only thing getting me out of the house is a trip to the trail to blow off a bout of the zoomies. Apparently, once blown, Shiva is also up for some serious napping. For once, our interests are in sync. I’d better savour the moment as it won’t last long!

Are you up to anything more adventurous today?

12 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday – Sleepy Shivers

  1. Oh my gosh, she is so cute!

    We’re using the weekend to catch up on the blog and our blogger friends. Work and husband both taking pity on me for the October that was and giving me a full day of ‘not doing anything else’. Enjoy your nap!


  2. It’s still raining out here Kristine like it has been for most of the past week and a half. We slept in a bit more with the time change and went out for a quick walk in the rain but now we’re back, had breakfast, chewed on a stuffy, had some treats and now it’s sleepy time.


  3. We are finally having a nice, sunny day and are getting all that dreaded yard work before winter done. But it’s a great day to be out and the dogs like being out “helping” us on work days.

    Hope you have a great what’s left of the weekend!


  4. LOL! I am so glad you were in sync this weekend. Jasper and I were as well. I napped and he napped. You know who was out of sync? The cat! Nick was a yowler all day long today. Augh!

    So now I have to ask… Is Shiva napping in this picture? Or, chewing on something? 🙂


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