Russell Brand Needs Kittywood Studios

While trolling Facebook for inspiration, as one does, I came across a link to an Ellen DeGeneres clip. Ordinarily daytime talk television holds no interest for me. However, when I see the words “cat” and “video” put together it’s pretty much a given I am going to be checking it out. Isn’t there a law somewhere that dictates as much? Pretty sure it was added to the Constitution of Canada three days after the Internet became a thing.

So I clicked and watched one of the saddest attempts at a cat video I have ever seen. My opinions on Russell Brand’s form of comedy notwithstanding, one would think a celebrity could come up with something more creative than this:

If his cat wasn’t so cute, I probably would have stopped watching halfway through.

Celebrities, eh? Do they think people just film these things in their homes, with no planning whatsoever? That it’s so easy? Sheesh. The best cat videos take many minutes of hard work. The cats need to be groomed and prepped and well-rehearsed before one ever turns on a camera. Clearly Mr. Brand didn’t contact Kittywood Studios before he thought of featuring the venerable Morrissey on screen. He’s never going to get fifty million hits without them.

14 thoughts on “Russell Brand Needs Kittywood Studios

  1. [applause applause]

    Brilliant! Brilliantly conceived and produced. Thank you for finding this little gem. I’m ready for the feature film.


  2. I found the video kind of disturbing at first because I thought that Russell Brand was filming naked (like you would EVER see nudity on the Ellen Show) I felt a little better when I saw that he had pants on. Lame video, though.


  3. I have no complaints about Russell Brand’s cat video. Mostly because… it’s Russell Brand and we are going to get married one day. And then probably divorced. But I’m prepared for that.

    … I ❤ Russell.


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