The Insanity Increases in Number

We’ve had a bit of a surprise ending to an otherwise normal Saturday. First a walk at the park, then a very positive agility class, a trip to the aquarium to check out some fish, and finally… On short notice, a very special guest has crept into the lives of those at Shiva’s House of Deluded Dreamers.

The puppy isn’t yet sure what to make of our visitor. All she knows is, she isn’t very happy at being kept out of the office. What’s going on in there, anyway? Why can’t she see?

All a Shiva can do is whine her dis-satisfaction and hope the humans will eventually give in. Until then, she is going to be one curious canine.

Poor Sheevs. Secrets are just no fun at all.

18 thoughts on “The Insanity Increases in Number

  1. Oh – you. are. evil! Did I miss something that may have given the secret away because, really, I cannot believe you would do this to your readers! 😉

    Shiva is so cute. I don’t blame her one bit for offering her opinion while you keep this secret from her. Can’t wait to see what’s behind the door!


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