Things I’ve Read While Fooling Around

Stupid Internet. How could anything be more important than watching me play keepaway with a stick?

I’ve been a bit of a shut-in this long weekend. As you saw on Saturday, we’ve had a surprise visitor on our hands who is keeping me indoors more than usual. This of course means I have done a lot of procrastinating. All of the things I wanted to get done – laundry, early Christmas preparation, cleaning, catching up on my favourite Food Network competitions – have somehow taken a backseat to lollygagging on the Internet. I blame the little orange furball taking up residence in our office. (More on that later.)

Here is just a bit of what’s been keeping me from my chores over the last three days:

If you want to get 100% effort from your dog, you need to be putting in 100% of effort into the dog. Whether that means putting in the work training your dog to get reliable behaviors or whether that means being enthusiastic with your interactions to get the enthusiasm back, what you put into your dog, you will get out.” – Success Just Clicks

We get to choose which fountain we are going to drink from. I am sipping my beverage from the same one that brought us vaccines for polio, heart transplants, space travel, digital cameras, and microwave ovens.”Fearful Dogs’ Blog

“To love animals is to be soft, childlike, or pathological. To admit dependence on animals — particularly emotional and psychological dependence, as pet owners often do — is seen as a type of neurosis.”Opinionator

” I cannot just sit back and hope people notice me. I have to put myself out there and make them notice me. I can not treat my professional network like a Ron Popeil kitchen device.”The Dog Ate My Wallet

“Why do humans take credit for everything that impresses them?”The Daily Wag

” I have learned the hard way to never, ever look down. Ever. Inevitably you will see a rat, likely multiple rats, scrambling up and down, back and forth, running, jumping and having what seems like the time of their lives.” Woman’s Best Friend

“With a rod dominated retina and a wider field of view, dogs are MUCH more sensitive to subtle motion changes than humans are. This is why a flick of the hand can be so distracting and can cause a knocked bar or a sudden pull out of a tunnel.”Low Country Dog Agility

This may be the best agility video you see all year.

Delilah’s in the ring next, watch her on this technique, it’s just about perfect, she approaches the dog, carefully and cautiously she stretches out her head, nose in, the sniff is done, she turns.  Oh no!  She deviated from her dismount to inspect his manly bit. ” – Heart Like a Dog

Heart Like a Dog is also running The Dogs of Blogville Calendar Contest. There is just one more day to enter!

Not that I need any help avoiding work, but have you read anything interesting lately?

9 thoughts on “Things I’ve Read While Fooling Around

  1. OMDog! Mickey was having a grand time, wasn’t he? I shared that video. Thanks for sharing what you’ve been reading. I did get more done on the weekend but today I’m lazy, lazy…:).


  2. Hi Kristine, my mom and dad are busy like little beavers 🙂 so while they may actually start to read something like The Globe and Mail. They often fall asleep before they get through the paper or they have to take us out or something. Humans are always doing stuff. Anyways, since they’re so busy, they listen to audio books. My dad is listening to “Why I left Goldman Sachs” by Greg Smith, and “The Quants” by Scott Patterson. My dad says it’s nice to go for walks and listen to books. I just sniffs 🙂 Want to come along?


  3. When do we get to meet your new visitor?? Thanks for reminding me to email my photo for the contest 🙂 Wish I could contribute to your great list!!


  4. Thanks for the mention (of Dog Ate My Wallet)!
    I have to admit, I wish more of life were like Ron Popeil kitchen devices- set it and forget it makes life so much easier. The dogs, however, refuse to allow me to forget them.


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