Slobberless for National Slobber Appreciation Day

Jen at My Brown Newfies declared yesterday to be National Slobber Awareness Day in appreciation of all drooly, slobbery dogs. As someone who has always had a deep affection for dogs who drool, as we discovered, I wanted to participate in the celebrations to show our solidarity. Unfortunately, Shiva really doesn’t have a lot of slobber to show off. In the drool department, she is kind of a loser.

I mean, okay, every dog drools at some point. Usually when it comes to food. Even the driest dog succumbs when presented with something tasty. That’s why I thought if I set her up for success by preparing her dinner and then waiting with a camera for the wet stuff to fall, Shiva would be sure to show off her drooling prowess. Many a time there has been a puddle on our floor as she has waited for the release to her bowl. Surely me pulling out a camera to capture the glory of dog slobber wouldn’t change that, right?


Wrong. Do you see any drool here?

No? How about here?

Nothing, eh? Maybe here??

Nada. If dinner-time doesn’t make Shiva drool then I guess we are out of luck. But please don’t let Shiva’s lack of slobber deter you. She really is an awesome dog! Honest and for true!

Drool or not drool, we stand in support of a dog’s right to slobber. Anytime, anywhere. Check out these true artisans for the real action. Shiva bows her head in acknowledgement of their grandeur.

8 thoughts on “Slobberless for National Slobber Appreciation Day

  1. Never seen Polly, Song or my JR Poppy drool. Can’t say I’ve seen Maggie (dad’s Staffie) drool either. Mum and dad had a dog that use to drool something shocking and he was a Spitz X.


  2. Oh, what a good idea. I wish Rita would drool in solidarity too, but nope. Maybe if I made some steaks, but sadly we have no steaks in the house.

    Good try though, Shiva!


  3. Ha, ha. Funny post. I have to admit, slobber grosses me out! There is not much in this world that does. Bring on the blood and guts but I will turn my head at the first sign of drool 🙂 I admit I have been goobered on by a dog at the dog park and DID manage to keep my composure and not run away screaming “Ewww, yucky, yucky, yucky!” Ha, ha.


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