Black and White Sunday – Happy Together

In an effort to end on a high note, I thought I’d keep to the positive: after only a week, we finally captured Shiva and Kitten in a photo together. And nobody chased anyone!

This is the stuff of miracles, people. If Shiva can keep her cool in such circumstances, maybe one day Israel and Palestine will declare lasting peace.

After this, I am willing to believe anything is possible.

You Did What With Your Weiner, My Life in Blog Years and Dachshund Nola are teaming up to host a Black and White Sunday blog hop. Post your photo and link up below!

18 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday – Happy Together

  1. That is awesome! We brought a kitten home and we didn’t know how our Shiloh would handle it. She ended up taking care of kitty and even let kitty sleep next to her. It was amazing!


  2. LOL! That kitty is SO tiny!
    I suspect that Shiva and the kitty will make peace before Israel and Palestine. Sad to say, but I think it’s true. Then again, Shiva’s face says “not amused.”. 🙂


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