Less Wordy Wednesday – Stay Frosty

The temperatures in Halifax have taken a nosedive this week. The mornings have been quite bitter. In spite of the wicked cold, I have found one thing to appreciate about this late autumnal snap.

Is there anything more delightful than a heavy brush of frost on fallen leaves? I am glad we have been too busy to bother with much raking thus far as the sight of the frost on our lawn in the morning has been icily beautiful. I had to make sure to take the time for photographs in the early light before I left for work.

Even the grass, pale green and frozen, crunching underfoot, seems almost prettier this way.

I know it won’t last long. The next step will be snow, which has a beauty of its own I almost await. For now I will try to enjoy the in between time, no matter how chilling the wind.

13 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – Stay Frosty

  1. We still have mostly green on the leaves that are mostly on the trees. I wish I weren’t dreading the coming months of bare leaved trees. Thanks for making them seem somewhat inviting.


  2. I do love the first frosts. I dread what it indicates but those early signs of impending cold are very pretty. As is Shiva – looking lovely lying among the leaves. 🙂


  3. Oddly we haven’t had a heavy frost, but I do find the same beauty in them as you do. Everything covered in ice crystals. Shiva looks right at home in leaves. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and pictures.


  4. Hi Kristine, it’s been raining so much out here that frost has not been an issue. But that will likely change tonight, it’s a relatively clear night and with moisture on the roads and streets, it’ll be icy tomorrow. Better bundle up there.


  5. Shiva looks like she could start shivering out there. I admit that I love that look of frost on the leaves and grass, though, especially on a morning when the sun hits it and makes it look magical. I’d love to be able to catch a photo of that, but so far, the timing never works out. Darn those jobs! They sure can cramp your style sometimes! lol


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