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Do you like chicken jerky? I don’t particularly. It’s difficult to chew and usually ends up making my teeth hurt. Also, I have more of a sweet tooth and prefer to save my snack calories for brownies. My dog, on the other hand, adores chicken jerky. As in, she will literally attempt a back flip in order to get a nibble.

I don’t put it past her. She’s come pretty close!

Chicken jerky is high up on the list of Shiva’s favourite currencies. She might even like it more than mud. When I work with her on a new trick, I like to pull out the big bucks. This puppy sure don’t work for free! Unfortunately, there are a lot of chicken jerky treats out there that just aren’t safe for the Shivas of this world – or dogs by any other name. With all the disturbing news about treats from China, we are pretty careful about the brands we buy. No cute trick is worth Shiva’s health and safety.

Not even my reigning personal favourite.

As it happens, for one lucky reader I have a solution to the great chicken jerky dilemma. In order to spread the word of their name change from Mr. Chewy, is sponsoring a giveaway. And not just any old random giveaway either. It is the American Black Friday, after all. We’ve got to make this special.

Today is letting me give away high-protein, US-made, all-natural Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky!

Let the canine trick trainers rejoice.

Isn’t awesome? The only downer of it all is that their services are not available outside of the US so even I can’t partake in the chicken jerky party. Mega bummerage. This just means there is more jerky for you!

Regardless of where you live, I do recommend you check out their fantastic referral program. All you have to do is sign-up, get the code, and start sharing! Every time someone uses your code while checking out he or she not only receives 10% off (which is brilliant enough) but $10 are donated to animal welfare. Even though I can’t buy from, if you use my code (CONT6892) you will save money on your purchase as well as send $10 towards Best Friends Animal Society.

Pretty genius, I’d say.

Anyway! On to the giveaway!

Because all you USians are probably still sleeping off your big Thanksgiving meals, I’m going to keep this simple. You’ve all seen a Rafflecopter before, right? The only real thing you have to do to enter is leave a comment sharing your dogs’ number one reward. Is it chicken jerky? Is it a game of tug? Or is it a roll in dead fish? Whatever it is, I’d love to know! I’ll keep the giveaway going for three days and announce the winner on Tuesday, November 27.

Sound good?

Thanks for participating and happy (Black) Friday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

19 thoughts on “Black Friday Giveaway from!

  1. Rios ultimate reward is getting to chase a squirrel (how we nailed down his weave poles by the way)

    Shayne’s ultimate reward is probably whitefish canned dog food–i used it while rehabbing her reactivity and I can’t use it for anything else because she really doesn’t think well when I’m using it but it was strong enough a reinforcer to use for counter conditioning and the like 🙂


  2. I’ve got to admit, Kaya’s favorite reward is freedom(ie: release from my sort-of heel postition…pleeeeeeeeze ladee!!!) Norman’s favorite reward is actually dried chicken strips:D Oh…and scratchies behind his ears:)


  3. This is always a hard one for Luna… She really likes anything I make her or buy.. but she especially likes any kind of meat. She is more than happy to do ANY trick I ask her (including fetching toys and shoes, remotes, magazines) when it comes to her raw food. DOes that count as a treat? Nice to see mr. chewy is giving away USA chicken treats, so much junk out there.


  4. My crew’s favorite rewards is of course, FOOD!! My Miniature Poodle, Lincoln, and Collie mix, Charlie, are highly toy motivated too. They’ll jump and flip for their favorite toys and race around with zoomies after they’ve got grabbed them, it’s so cute! Thanks for holding a raffle!

    ~Love, the SugarHighK9s


  5. Hmmmm…my number one reward? A snuggle from my mom! HAHAHAHA! Noooo…not really. Heehee! My number one reward is any kinda people food. But I sure do luvs chicken jerky, too. Every morning after we go out to tinkle, we gets some chicken jerky as an appy-tizer for breakfast! YUM!

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  6. Number one reward is probably hot dogs! Not the healthiest thing for the dogs, but not that bad either, and they LOVE them. Other favorites around here include string cheese, freeze dried liver, dried sardines, and a variety of soft treats. I rarely use jerky for training, because it tends to be so hard to break into little pieces. But the dogs sure do enjoy it as a snack. I like using it as a high protein snack for them at flyball tournaments to give them a little something for energy without weighing them down with a full stomach (in addition to their meals, of course!).


  7. this is a great giveaway! rock on, kristine–sharing even though you can’t have any! desmond goes bonkers for any kind of “real” food, and that includes dehydrated/jerky versions of things. he’s not messing around. 🙂


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