Sounds Guaranteed to Bring a Smile

The “thump thump thump” of Shiva’s tail against the floor.

The gurgles of the coffee pot just before it is ready in the morning.

The hum of my PH’s car as he pulls into the driveway.

The “munch munch munch” of The Cat as he eats his dinner late at night.

The puff of air brakes as my bus finally pulls up to the stop.

The “mew” of the foster kitten as he looks for his breakfast.

The clink of ice in a glass.

The muted thrum and quiet burst of an orchestra tuning up before a concert.

The giggles of my sister in the dark when it’s just the two of us.

The quiet pat of Shiva’s feet as she runs to catch up.

The vibration of a phone alerting me to a text message from a friend.

The crunch of snow on an early morning walk.

The long sigh Shiva lets out just before she falls asleep on the couch beside me.

The clanging of pots as my PH prepares dinner.

The snapping of a fire, whether at a home or while camping outdoors.

The soft purring of The Cat, in spite of himself.

The “pop” of a cork on a Friday night.

The satisfying tear of wrapping paper as a friend opens my gift to her.


What did I miss?



14 thoughts on “Sounds Guaranteed to Bring a Smile

  1. For Cali it would be popcorn popping in the microwave 😉

    Right now I have the sound of my kitty, Zuni purring while she makes biscuits on my fuzzy blanket!!


  2. A Robin singing, a horse neighing, the sound of the wind in the trees, a fox calling out, the hoot of an owl……..I could go on, but I won’t:)


  3. The rustle made by autumn leaves when walking through them.
    I guess most noises that remind you of home, the holidays or that life is lovely sometimes (hopefully most of the times).


  4. Great list!

    The slapping sound of my hound dog’s ears when he has a good shake. The jingling of dog tags. The light play growl during a game of tug.

    The whistling of a tea kettle on a cold morning.


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