Every School Needs a Puppy Room

Halifax is again making national news with the addition of a “puppy room” to the Dalhousie University campus. I used to think I had attended a fairly decent school for my undergraduate program eons ago. But I don’t remember seeing a single animal on the grounds. Unless you count the pronghorn mascot statue.


While this story is great and I am glad students have this chance to unwind, it’s amusing to me how revolutionary of an idea it seems to people across the country. Animal lovers have known the emotional and mental benefit a furry body can provide for decades. It’s about time the rest of the world caught up.

Do you think a puppy or kitty room would have helped you get better grades?

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11 thoughts on “Every School Needs a Puppy Room

  1. I think it is hilarious when one research team after another “discovers” the value of dogs on the human body and psyche. Don’t these people ever read other research on the subject?

    Or their results will say something like “Dogs have more healthful results than was previously thought.” Thought by whom? People living in dogless caves?


  2. When I was in college I knew most of the professors on campus who had dogs–rather I knew the dogs and would cuddle them as often as possible! Also, the pre-k classroom I taught in had guinea pigs and I cuddled them as well! Heck, I smuggled a pet rat on campus for 2 years LOL!

    I’m not sure about better grades but I certainly would have been happier.


  3. If there was a puppy room when I was in school you would have had to drag me out of it kicking and screaming …Seriously, it’s a good idea and if the program works well I hope it’s used as an example for other schools to follow


  4. I probably would have gotten worse grades because I woulda been there instead of in class! As dog lovers know, they can make everything seem better. After a not so good day, it all goes away when I am greeted by the pack. Makes me always remember what is important and to relax.


  5. There was only a brief time in my life where I didn’t live with a furry companion, when I was at Uni living in a shared house with ‘no pets allowed’ written on the lease. I did have a pet rat and a pet rabbit during my Uni days though. I freaked people out by bringing my rat to uni – she would sit on my shoulder as I walked around campus and sleep in my bag during lectures. I was only slightly worried that a crow or kookaburra would come and pick her off my shoulder one day, as they were known to steal food right out of people’s hands…. but it never happened.


  6. I think this is a great idea for stress relief, especially during midterms/finals. I worry that I would end up falling in love with one or more puppies, though – haha!!


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