It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… Holiday Insanity

Can I blame it on the rain? I have been devouring holiday traditions like a reindeer on too much eggnog. Perhaps it’s the persistently snow-less weather or the fact that I’ve not had a chance to do a bit of shopping, but in every other way I am doing my utmost to be as festive as possible. No one can accuse me of not getting into the spirit!

And it’s not just goofy antlers on my forgiving dog either! I’ve downed more gingerbread lattes than should be legal, dressed up as Santa to support the Nova Scotia SPCA, sung my favourite holiday songs every day in the shower, and stuffed my face with shortbread. I’m also in the middle of reading Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and have A Charlie Brown Christmas prepped for the DVD player.

Tradition, we know how to do it right.

Another custom I have this time of year is taking advantage of the five free downloads offered by Through a Dog’s Ear. They always arrive just when the holiday stress starts to build. Though concert pianist Lisa Spector performed the pieces to help anxious dogs, I find the music does wonders to calm frazzled humans as well.

I have admired her work long before I met Lisa at BarkWorld. Now that I have spoken with her and learned a little about what inspired the project, I am even more appreciative of her generous gift during the insane winter season. Her latest blog post shows a passion and understanding for dogs and their comfort and is reflective of her warm personality.

Unfortunately, there are only two selections left! Today’s free download is one of my favourites by Rachmaninoff. I have been listening to it while writing this post and I know I feel more relaxed already. If I close my eyes I can picture a warm fire in the place of my television screen and my Christmas tree already up and decorated instead of still in its box.

Music is a powerful thing. Maybe if I keep listening all of my cards will be posted for me too.

Do you have any favourite traditions?

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10 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… Holiday Insanity

  1. Thanks for the tip – don’t know how I missed this but I’m in for the two that remain. We use Lisa’s CDs for Bella all the time. Kind of awesome that you got to meet her.


    • You should be able to gift to any of your fnderis, but you’ll have to type in the first few letters of their name to make it appear. We do this so that people with long lists of fnderis don’t have to wait long for us to show them their fnderis list. Hope that helps!


  2. Thanks Kristine for the great post, for telling your readers about our free downloads, and for your very kind words. Although they may have missed some of the downloads, there is still time to play the word game to win CD’s for their favorite designated shelter or rescue. They could all be like you and play Santa!!! And one lucky grand prize winner additionally gets to keep 9 CD’s and the Through a Dog’s Ear book!

    Gingerbread lattes… I’ll need to try one (or ten) and see if that becomes a new holiday tradition. Might be yummy with the Rachmaninoff 😉

    Thanks again and happy and calm holidays!!!


  3. Oh, thanks for the reminder. I’ve been seriously considering ordering those CDs for Silas, so I’ve been trying to take advantage of the downloads as a test run. I’d forgotten today!

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching The Muppet’s Christmas Carol, which is the best version ever. In a bizarre way, it is the truest to the book. (I say this as a person who takes Dickens very seriously.) I haven’t done it this year, although for once we’re bucking tradition and have all the shopping done.


  4. That’s a nice photo but it would be “nicer” if we could get you in there too. Family, Christmas, togetherness, you get the idea…okay enough, time for a vodka martini (sorry Kristine, my dad grabbed the keyboard from me). Oh yeah, we always get a helping of turkey and my peeps go to a restaurant called White Spot on Christmas Day. The staff there come into work and they donate all their wages, tips and the restaurant donates their day’s receipts to the local hospital. That’s cool huh?


  5. The Holidays. You’re doing them right.

    It sounds like you are still full of the Christmas Spirit. Now me? I’m still doing my Cindy Lu Who impression and Asking “Where are you Christmas?”


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