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Dear Pets Unlimited,

It’s been almost two years since I wrote you last. I am so pleased to say a lot has changed. Last summer you not only stopped selling puppies and kittens in your stores, but you teamed up with local shelters to promote adoption. Many locations even host actual adoption centres, helping reduce strain on shelters and placing even more cats in loving homes.

The turn around in your policies has been amazing. Hopefully you will serve as a model for others to follow. Whereas before I vowed to avoid your stores at all costs to the point of paying more for the same products elsewhere, I am now proud to be a Pets Unlimited customer. Even though I have moved and you are no longer as convenient as you once were, I will often go out of my way to shop in your store. You have better selection, you are a Canadian company, and you are affordable. Thank you for recognizing the needs and wishes of the people in your communities.

By the way… You wouldn’t happen to have one of those “PJ’s Pets” cards kicking around with my name on it, would you? I can’t seem to find my old one.

Warm regards,

Kristine, a proud customer



Dear Jungle Pets,

It’s obvious I am not part of your target market. I can’t lie to you. I’ve only been in your store once. Once was enough to ensure I will never return. This was several years ago and your business hasn’t changed so I won’t fool myself into thinking my shopping choices make any difference to you whatsoever.

That being said, I still think it’s worth writing to you. As an animal lover and proud owner of a cat, a dog, and quite a few fish – and likely many more of all in the future – I spend a lot of money in pet stores. I don’t like to think about how much cash I have dropped but it’s definitely in the thousands. The total will only increase as time goes on. Wouldn’t you like to have a piece of that?

I do have one good thing to say about you. You are a locally owned, Atlantic Canadian company. Your founder started the business while still in high school. That’s pretty cool. It’s something I wish I could support. It pains me that I can’t.

You know why I and many others avoid you, right? It’s because your stores sell kittens. I don’t know if you sell puppies or not because I haven’t been back to check but I know you still sell kittens, ignoring the adoption trend taken up by all other businesses in the province. I don’t know where you get the kittens from. It’s not necessary for me to know. But I won’t spend a cent in either of your locations until you stop this practice. Even if it means shopping at large international companies instead.

Sincerely sadden,

Kristine, proud not to be a customer

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10 thoughts on “I Write Letters

  1. I love that you wrote to these places! I also refuse to shop at a place that I know supports the sale of animals instead of adoption. Around here, we basically have big chain pet stores. So when I come across a “new” pet store, I love to stop in. Twice recently, I stopped into such places. The first was on a out-of-town Christmas shopping trip, and I walked past the mall pet store. Right toward the front was a toy I’d been very much wanted to get for my dog- a toy that was perfect for him and knew he’d love, but hadn’t been able to find it for a price I was comfortable paying. As I walked by, I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and walked up to find it was a great price! My hand went out to grab it off the display…. then I saw the puppies. Nope- sorry Shiloh, I know you’d love the toy, but I’m not supporting a puppy mill. I walked right out. Not too long after, I was on my way home from my niece’s birthday party a couple towns over, and took a different route home. I saw a pet themed store and decided to stop. Again, I was over joyed- the same toy for a pretty good price, plus a treat I’d been wanting to get for them at an even better price. Grabbed them and continued walking around the store… and again saw puppies. Not as “in your face” as the mall store, but definitely not shelter dogs. Frustrated, I again dumped my “deals” and left. Maybe the chains like PetSmart are more expensive, but at least they support rescue, not puppy mills.


  2. Hear! Hear!
    I love that you recognize the company that chose to stop selling pets and also go out of your way to go there. I am working on my own letter to Petsmart about another issue. Would have posted it today, but fell asleep on the couch last night and never finished.
    Live this post Kristine!


  3. It is so great that you write these letters, and especially following up with a thank you, where I am sure your letter helped bring about the change! I hope to do the same…..I need to get out and check my local pet stores to see what they are doing these days, and then do the same. And once I find out, encourage others to also do the same. Great job!


  4. I love it when companies listen to their customers and do the right thing even though it might seem at first to cost them a dollar or two. And I love it when customers express their appreciation to these businesses.


  5. I love the fact that you cover both sides – it’s important that we let the stores that change their ways know how much we appreciate it, as well as letting the bad ones know why we don’t shop there. Well done!


  6. Kristine,
    It amazes me that you take the time to write to these companies, it is only when we express our disappointment and needs that people actually pay attention.

    There are certain pet stores in my area that I won’t shop in because they sell live animals too, I just haven’t taken the time to let them know, but I’m going to add that to my to do list!


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