It’s a Jingle Goat Kind of Day

In light of more serious events, I am going to put off the post I had drafted for today. It just doesn’t seem appropriate. I’ve turned off my television for now and urge you to do the same. Click out of Facebook and the morass that is. Let’s instead be grateful to be here, alive, warm, and among the furry pets we are lucky to love. Curl up on the couch, the floor, or on your favourite pillow and get ready.

It’s Jingle Goat time.

Feel better? No? Watch it again. And again. And again. There is no shame. I think I am going to have it on repeat for the rest of the night.

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20 thoughts on “It’s a Jingle Goat Kind of Day

  1. Thanks for posting this – for a little while, it took my mind off the seriousness of what has just happened in Connecticut.
    It’s hard not to laugh at those very lively goats!


  2. the goats are so cute, i wanted goats to eat my grass so i would not have to cut it….

    on the tragedy….i just dont understand why there is not more gun control in this country….these tragedies are happening too many times, 1 is enough, but it seems almost every month….where i live it is so easy to get a gun…the permit takes no time at all, not a real in depth background check….and people dont speak up when they think something may happen…


  3. I so love goats! My Uncle in Missouri has a big field full of them and i used to love just hanging out and watching them. They can so make you laugh and feel good…and my “city” mom makes us laugh to as she refers to his “flock” of goats. Great video!


  4. What an adorable video, I asked Hubby a few years back if I could have a goat and he said NO. Probably a good thing because either the dogs would chase it or a wild animal would get it and I’d be devasted.

    It’s nice to find something to take your mind off the tragedy, as you can imagine living so closely to it, our tvs are inundated. šŸ˜¦


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