Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers: Days 15 & 16

030Time is zooming by at Shiva speed once more and the weekend has gotten away from me. I’m starting to feel the panic rise as I realize the holidays are only a short week away and I haven’t wrapped a single gift. . It’s odd that the time of year dedicated to gratitude seems to often be overtaken by the rush to gather more. Something is lost in all this, it seems. I am just as guilty as anyone else for missing the point.

In light of recent tragic events, I think it’s vital to take a step away from the nuttiness to appreciate what is most important. And it sure as hell isn’t piling presents under the tree.

It is my unshakeable belief that life’s little moments – the warmth of a hug, the wagging of a tail, the laughter of a shared joke – are the ones that linger and are the ones that carry the most meaning. It’s not the big things that ultimately make the biggest difference, rather, the small links in the chain that connect us are what keep life worth living. It’s not the money we spend but the memories we create. And the quality of the chocolate we eat.

Hey, the holidays are technically all about the food, right? My dog would certainly think so!

On that note, I need to get to sharing the information for the last two days of the Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers! There are some pretty wicked prizes that are not to be missed!

Welcome to the Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers hosted by Kol’s Notes, PupLove, Rescued Insanity, Woof Woof Mama & I Still Want More Puppies!

Yesterday’s giveaway was sponsored by KONG. Click here to enter to win a KONG Bounzer and Wild Knots toys!




Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Hartz and their Angry Birds Dog Toys. Click here to enter to win a set of their Holiday Angry Birds!



Don’t forget! Entries for both days will enter you to win our Grand Prize package worth more than $1000!

11 thoughts on “Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers: Days 15 & 16

    • Aww, I am glad you appreciate them. It’s all an effort to feel more festive and jolly – something I always seem to struggle with. It’s nice that they help others too!


    • Indeed. Every day should be about the same. The holidays are a reminder of what is important, I think. No matter what you celebrate.


  1. I agree, it is hard to find motivation when the world is in such a sad place. Be close and present with those around you, everyday.

    PS – Such great giveaways. Just don’t know if I can enter from South Africa.


  2. We’re weirdly ahead for the holidays this year. True, my husband’s “big gift” never sent me a shipping confirmation, so it may or may not be here soon, but mostly I’m done wrapping and everything. It’s an unsettling feeling.


  3. We are all about the little moments here – spending time with the people and animals who are important to us. Riker definitely believes it’s all about the food – he’s never been so happy to have so many people over, because little crumbs invariably fall in his direction. Holiday cheer for all. 🙂


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