The 13 Project – A Pre-Report Card

There are only two weeks left of the year. Two! My heart stops beating when I think about how little time we have left in 2012. Despite the palpitations, I thought it would be a good time to see how I have come along in my goals for Pretty Fluffy’s 13 Project.

Do you remember those? The thirteen goals I committed to back in October when I thought the end of the year was light years away? The ones about completing acts of kindness for animals in my community? Does this ring any bells? Yes?

Dang. Because I forgot.

No, wait, that’s not true. I didn’t forget, precisely, I just put them away for later, along with my New Year’s resolution to relax and have more fun. Whatever happened to that, I wonder. I think I can be forgiven with all the madness that is caring for one spastic little kitten. This what I am going with either way.

Luckily, even though I let my commitments falter, I think I’ve fumbled my way through ticking many of them off:

1. Share and promote the 13 Project onlineDone!

2. Participate in National Pit Bull Awareness DayDone!

3. Contact my local shelter about becoming a foster home for cats or kittensDone!

4. Commit to running the 10K in next year’s Bluenose Marathon to raise $1,000 for the Nova Scotia SPCA – Done? Essentially?

5. Attend BarkWorld Expo and learn new ways to promote the awesomeness of catsDone! Though, I really need to start putting this into practice.

6. Purchase one of these calendars for my friends and family.

7. Share the photos of adoptable pets on Facebook and Pinterest.

8. On my blog share as many online campaigns I can find that support animal welfare but don’t require cash donations – such as this terrific #BTC4A campaign to raise $5,000 of Petco’s moneyHalf done, sorta…

9. Teach my cat a unique trick and share the video to spread awareness that cats are just as much fun as dogs – Crap, totally dropped the ball on this one…

10. Write a letter to Jungle Pets, the only store in the HRM that still sells puppies and kittens, to explain why I won’t shop thereDone!

11. Write a letter to Pets Unlimited, a chain that finally stopped selling puppies and kittens, to explain why I now will shop thereDone!

12. Donate pet food to Feed Nova Scotia.

13. Steal some more business cards from my favourite trainers to hand out and promote positive training methods.


Eight out of thirteen isn’t horrible, right? It’s a  passing grade. Just. My teenaged self is curling up in corner right now at the thought of getting anything less than an A. I might have to tweak some of these in order to accomplish the required number of items.  It’s going to require some creative thinking if I am going to succeed. I figure if I can pass twelfth grade chemistry, I can do anything!

Of course, as hard that lab exam involving molar enthalpies was, it didn’t involve getting a cat to follow directions. Before the year is out, I might be begging for questions on the difference between endothermic and exothermic reactions.


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15 thoughts on “The 13 Project – A Pre-Report Card

  1. I am looking forward to the cat tricks!! I really want to teach one of my kitties to come on bike rides with me but I can see already it is going to be a long drawn out process, there’s no way I’d get it done in 2 weeks 😉


  2. Well done for getting so many done. We have to set goals to strive for.

    Remember to aim for the moon, as even if you miss you will land amongst the stars.


  3. I think you have done a fab job!! Well done you, don’t beat yourself up about it, look at what you have done for that one little kitten you have taken in! Typist admires you so so much,she doesn’t think she would be a strong enough person to foster (which she worries is a really rubbish way of getting herself off the hook) Well done you!!


  4. I think that you’ve been trucking along just fine and most of the remaining tasks on the list could be completed before the new year, although I’m not so sure about training the cat to do a new trick.

    Every journey has to start with the first step, and most people don’t even get past that.


  5. I think you’ve done an amazing job here…We all get so busy with “life” that it’s hard to stay on track with goals, no matter how worthy they are…You’ve completed some major ones and should be very proud…the ones not yet done can certainly be completed in 2013 and will still mean just as much


  6. I think you have done quite well! If you had started your project just a little earlier I think you might just have accomplished it all. Heck, I think I would have needed a whole year to do all that! Plus, when I have lists like that going, I am usually adding new things before I cross off all of the old. 🙂


  7. I think you can do it!! Although the cat trick might be difficult, maybe you could teach the cat to ride the dog, that way they’d both be learning something and you could enter that video in the contest you wanted to enter Shiva in! LOL


  8. Um…it may be easier to show the kitty teaching YOU a trick. 😉

    Don’t beat yourself up – you did a respectable amount of things on your list! Pat pat pat (yourself on the back) and clap clap clap!


  9. 8/12 is not that bad! I haven’t reviewed mine in a while. Hmm…with just 10 days left I should probably look at mine eh? I don’t know if I’ve even achieved 8…I might have been over reaching! LOL.

    Now if you’re going to do just ONE ORE THING, I hope to woof it involves the Cat. I ♥ the cat.


  10. Congratulations! Don’t get down on yourself at all for not doing the full 13 yet. I created The 13 Project and I still have one of my tasks left to do. I think the fact that we’ve been able to do some of our lists is exactly what the project is about – not being perfect, but making a difference regardless. Thank you for being part of it! xx


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