Snapshots From the End of the World

As I am writing this and you are reading it, I think it is safe to say we have all survived the latest Apocalypse. While the Mayans may or may not have been wrong, a part of me is disappointed. It would be cool to live in a bus shelter. That and I was hoping to get out of the credit card bills I’ve accumulated. It’s really too bad.

I got the idea for this post from one of my blogging heroes, Karen Walrond. Last week on 12/12/12 she live photoblogged her day, showing bits and pieces of her experiences throughout a typical day in her life. I instantly wanted to do something like that myself, though my photographs aren’t going to be nearly as gorgeous as Karen’s. I may have missed 12 12 12 but what better day to record for posterity than the End of the World? In the future, it will be fun to come back to this one day of my life to remember what the little details looked like.

I will start with the first pictures I took after waking up this morning. As the day progresses, I’ll keep updating with more shots from my thrilling part of the world. Prepare to be stunned with just how glamorous things are at Shiva’s House of Deluded Dreamers. It’s just like something out of old Hollywood.


































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25 thoughts on “Snapshots From the End of the World

    • Was that the time? I wasn’t sure. Like all end of the world theories, there seems to be a large difference of a opinion. Alls I know is, I’m still alive and haven’t seen one lick of brimstone yet.


  1. It is a pretty cool idea! I’ll check back later, if we aren’t in full-blown apocalypse! Check my blog for the early warning signs I saw on the morning walk 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


    • It’s been fun so far! It’s amazing all the little things you notice once you start paying attention.

      Hopefully we are safe enough. Until the next Armageddon theory emerges, anyway.


    • I thought so too! It’s been a lot of fun as well. Though I’ve felt awkward sometimes taking photos in strange places, such as on the bus.


    • For sure. I am glad I did it at the very least!

      The only thing surprising me so far is my embarrassment at taking photos in public places. I thought I had gotten over that after taking so many with the dog but apparently when I am dog-less I still feel uncomfortable, like everyone is staring at me and wondering why I am taking a picture of a bus stop sign. Which, of course, nobody is. 😛


  2. Very cute. 🙂 I recently did “my evening in pictures” on facebook. Maybe it’s a growing trend? Social media. Sometimes it’s fun. LOL!
    P.S. Can’t start ANY day without the coffee.


  3. Well, Georgia Little Pea is still alive and it’s tomorrow in Australia, so I feel confident that we are going to make it until the next Apocalypse. Let’s just hope that the next one isn’t Walking Dead style! I think the idea of taking pictures of your day all day for a post is a cool one, too. However, I’m not sure my life exciting enough for a day’s worth of pictures! lol


  4. It would be very boring to see pictures of a day in our life. Um, we wake up, eat breakfast, take the dog for a walk and then head to our computers – BORING!! Your kids all look very cute! You still have your foster kitten? Is it a foster fail? 🙂 Looks like you had a great day, hope your weekend is even better!!


  5. My Holly was pretty sure the end was near today…she ended up having to wear a “cone of shame” to prevent her from licking a healing incision on her leg. While I was fairly confident at the start of the day that the Apocalypse wasn’t going to happen, I wasn’t so sure after seeing the look on Holly’s face!


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  7. I really enjoyed this series of photos….wish I’d thought to do something like this on 12/12/12 or even 12/21/12….. Mayb I’ll pick another day to capture…. Noticed one of your pics looked like a pic of a dog subscription box and if so, wondered which one as it looks lovely! I didn’t know dog subscription boxes even existed until recently and am trying to decide which one would be the best one for me to try.


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