You Might Be Dog Crazy If…

If you wait two hours for the bus in freezing rain and then immediately upon returning home, head back out for another hour with your canine buddy… You might be dog crazy.

016If you choose the menu for your holiday dinner based on the foods your dog can eat… You might be dog crazy.

If there are more pictures of your dog on your computer, phone, and living room walls than there are of your human family members… You might be dog crazy.

If you automatically sit on the floor when you enter the room to find your dog on your chair… You might be dog crazy.

If you brush stray dog hairs off your dinner plate without skipping a beat and continue enjoying your meal… You might be dog crazy.

If you skip a needed trip to the grocery store and dine on canned peas just so your dog doesn’t have to be alone for five extra minutes… You might be dog crazy.

If your organize your social schedule around your dog’s regular walking times… You might be dog crazy.

If your first thought upon crashing your car isn’t about your safety but about the fact your dog is waiting for you to get home… You might be dog crazy.

If you continue to wear socks with holes in them so you can afford expensive agility training classes… You might be dog crazy.

If you get up at five thirty in the morning every day for three and a half years so your dog can get in her exercise…

You are more than just dog crazy. You are officially insane. And yet I bet you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Got anything to add?

25 thoughts on “You Might Be Dog Crazy If…

  1. I have leather furniture because it doesn’t attract dog hair. I also have a shelf in the panty dedicated to dog treats and food.


  2. My dog has a shelf in the pantry just for her “goodies”, and a whole cupboard in the laundry containing all her towels, grooming equipment, shampoo, etc.
    Only a dog lover would understand.


  3. My brother is wondering why his fridge and freezer are stuffed with Georgia’s food. We spent one day just shopping for her meat and cooking and freezing them. This morning I insisted on doing something just with Cushion and I didn’t hear the end of it for the next 2 hours (which was all the time we spent away from The Dog). It was worse than the look I got from The Dog when we got home. A holiday? Hah!


  4. You might be “dog-crazy”, if:

    – There’s four dogs in the house already and you’re thinking, hmmm another one wouldn’t be that much more.
    – You only recognize the “owners” if they are with their dogs.
    – You give up that second car because the costs of having so many dogs transitions you to public transit.
    – You continually tell people who comment, “oh, poor dog – what happened to his legs?” that your dog is probably the happiest dog in the world and that he’s rich but you’re (the peeps) are the poor ones, literally.
    – You tell your dogs that you love them, way more often than you tell your partner.

    Thanks Kristine for allowing us to “add on” to your list.


  5. I would have to say yes to most of those, but I’m not crazy. Oh no, those people who sadly don’t have a dog in their life, they are the crazy ones:)


  6. Oh, there are so many. To mention just a few…
    You might be โ€œdog-crazyโ€, if:
    – You forgo your chiropractic adjustments so that your dog gets acupuncture treatments.
    – All of your holiday parties either involve dogs or your friends with dogs.
    – You check the sound environment and volume of music at a dog-friendly event before bringing your dog inside.
    – You play music specially designed to calm dogs during every feeding because you know your older dog can get very stressed just after eating.
    – You make sure that you aren’t favoring your younger dog, even though she’s much more active. So, when tugging with her, you secretly give treats to your older dog.
    – You buy two extra large dog beds, because you know that your smaller dog will always steal your larger dog’s bed and you don’t want him stuck with the smaller bed.
    – The sound of your dogs snoring is heavenly.
    – There is dog hair everywhere, and you don’t mind.


  7. Your dog has a team of medical specialists, but you won’t go to your own doctor unless you’re bleeding out of your ears.


  8. “If you’ve ever packed your freezer with frozen dead ducks and pigeons for retriever training…”

    “If you only know people as ‘Winter’s mom’ and ‘Sunshine’s mom’ and they only know you as ‘Gizmo’s mom’….

    Since I scored 100% here I’m wondering if there’s a support group I can join? Oh wait…I’m already here! So glad to be part of a community that’s as dogcrazy as I am ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. If you tell your guests, “That’s the dogs couch, here take my seat.”

    If you freak out when traveling because “what will happen to my dog if I die.”

    I’m dog crazy. Some would argue just crazy, but truthfully I like my dogs better than I like most people. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  10. I’ll throw my hat in with the person above and “If you plan your vacation around the dog.” Also,

    –If your freezer has 90% dog food, and 10% people food, and you encourage your husband to hurry up and finish the ice cream while turkey is still on sale.
    –If your Facebook page is actually the dog’s Facebook page.
    –If you buy more Christmas gifts for the dog than for your in-laws.


  11. Aww, I whole-heartedly agree with all of these!! So I must be dog crazy! Haha, I already know I am. We just got our 3rd rescue dog, and my folks just last night told me we have too many. Well, it’s what makes US happy! And we wouldn’t have it any other way~ My Ipod is ALL filled up w/doggie pictures!!


  12. What a fantastic list! Yup, I am very proud to be a part of that. As for additions, well…you know that little photo sleeve in your wallet, where you’re probably supposed to a picture of him and/or the kids? In mine, it’s the dogs! Hey, people ask about them so I gotta show them, right? Our vacations (outdoor adventures) are based on whether or not the dogs will have a good time.

    My favorite thing to say to people is that none of these dogs came knocking on my door asking to live with me. I went out and brought them in and promised to take the best care of them forever and I will!


  13. I love this article and this one saying I love the best “If you choose the menu for your holiday dinner based on the foods your dog can eatโ€ฆ You might be dog crazy.”
    This is so true! Happy New Year!


  14. If the house you choose to buy wins you over because it will be easy to gate off for the dogs.

    If you install a double gate in your backyard like a dog park, so that you can worry less about your canine escape artist.

    If you discover that you organized your family photo albums as dogs first, then people.

    (I’m late, but LOVING this post and the comments!)


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