New Year, New Challenges

Now that all the crazy stress of the holidays is over it is time for the crazy stress of January. Doesn’t seem right, does it? This time* it’s self-inflicted. Many fellow bloggers have issued challenges for the first month of the year and I am just nuts enough to accept them. Is insanity contagious? I’d blame Shiva yet I have a suspicion I was already a little wacked before she came along. Why else would I have agreed to adopt an obviously over-energized dog one week before a big family visit?

020First up is the Third Annual Pet Blogger Challenge hosted by Go Pet Friendly on January 10th. Putting together answers to all nine questions is a pretty interesting thought experiment. I’ve learned a lot about myself during the last two challenges and I hope to repeat the same this round. What’s more, I’ve always found the experiences of other bloggers to be even more fascinating. I think I am looking forward to reading what everyone else has to say even more than I am looking forward to writing my own post. I really hope you’ll think about joining if you haven’t already.

Pet Blogger Challenge Jan. 10

The next challenge to highlight is more of an all-month kind of deal. The author You Did What With Your Weiner has resolved to spend at least thirty minutes walking her dogs every day for thirty days. Because no blogger needs to tread alone, she asked others to support her mission by participating with their own dogs in the 30/30 Challenge.  Given the bitterness of the weather this season, it is definitely not always an easy thing to do. Unless you live with a Shiva. Then not walking is actually worse than anything the outdoors could throw at you.

It's never too cold for a Shiva!

It’s never too cold for a Shiva!

Since I already walk over thirty minutes a day but I wanted to show my solidarity, I resolved to pump it up a bit and add in 30 minutes of running. I am supposed to be tackling the 10K in this year’s Bluenose Marathon and have very little time to get ready. The 30/30 Challenge should be just the thing! Only… It’s already January 3rd and I haven’t run at all. Not once. Er…

Can I blame the icy sidewalks? The negative-too-many-digits windchill? January is not a good time to start back up with a running regime. I’m going to have to figure out something else fast if I am going to save face!

Lastly, Something Wagging This Way Comes is once again running a challenge for Train Your Dog MonthWith the silly good times we had last year, how could I pass it up?

Train-Your-Dog-Badge-150x150I am not completely positive what I am going to work on this year but I have some solid ideas. I have been working on getting Shiva to hold an object in her mouth for a long time and we still have no concrete success. It’s a tedious thing to train and Shiva picks up on my lackluster attitude. I just think the photo opportunities would be endless if she could master this one thing! I know if I pull out the clicker and dedicate several minutes every single day to working on the behaviour we have a pretty big chance of achieving my goal. This challenge might be the motivation I need. If it isn’t, maybe nothing is.

So I think I have enough to keep me out of too much trouble over the next few weeks. Have you decided to participate in anything this year? Do you know of any other blog-related challenges I should check out?

*Okay, it was probably self-inflicted all the other times too. What can I say? Life isn’t the same unless I have a million deadlines looming.

18 thoughts on “New Year, New Challenges

  1. Looks like we share a mutual gluttony for punishment cause i’m signed up for all the same challenges…i’m glad you shared the video from last year’s training challenge…watching Shiva and the cat compete for treats is not to be missed 🙂


  2. We plan on participating in all three challenges too! So far so good. We’re 2 for 2 on our walks and training. We’re working on our Pet Blogger Challenge post. Can’t wait to read your Pet Blogger Challenge Blog Post! Happy New Year!


  3. I like the idea of the challenges but with 12 hour shifts at work, 45 minute commute each way…30 minutes of walking X 7 dogs…well, not going to happen! I barely get enough sleep sometimes. The Pet Blogger Challenge is something I’d like to do. (does anyone know how to add the badge to a “blogger’ blog?! I just can’t figure it out….)


  4. I have been trying to get Barbie to fetch a toy, it’s something that comes second nature to Bender, but Barbie likes to grab the toy, drop it on the floor, and then do crazy zoomies around the house. Crazy girl.


  5. I’m in on both the 30/30 Challenge and Pamela’s. So far, so good! I’m lucky because my husband has decided to join in and be another walking companion, and to my surprise, I found several Greyhound friends on Twitter that also have Fitbits, which I just got to help get and keep me motivated. I feel like I have a lot of different supports in place to help keep me going, so hopefully I’ll make it to the end of the month!

    I think if anyone can succeed at this, it’s you! You’ll probably make the rest of us look bad!


  6. We’re doing all three challenges too. We’re looking forward to the 30/30 Challenge as a good “habit builder”, we’re excited about the Pet Blogger’s Challenge since we’re looking to make some changes to the blog this year and we’re so nervous about the Train Your Dog Month Challenge, since we’re tackling a deeply rooted problem with Kolchak. I should probably throw some “fun” training in there for tricks, so that even if the sleeping in is a hugemongous failure, I can feel good that we accomplished *something*

    I can’t wait to see if Shiva masters the trick. You’re right, the opportunities are endless. Now Kolchak, he’s not holding *anything* in his mouth unless it’s a treat ;0)


  7. Holding something in her mouth? Shiva needs to channel her inner retriever…lol. But for inspiration, you may want to look around the net for training videos/or methods to train a retriever-type “hold” using positive only methods. We train it differently (and of course having a retriever helps), but I am pretty sure they are out there. Maybe they would give you some tips/ticks for success. 🙂


  8. Since I have to rely on Hubby for winter walks I cannot enter the 30 minute per day challenge, I am going to check out the Pet Friendly challenge and just this morning decided what my BTC4Animals would be this month.

    I might consider Pamela’s train your dog challenge, but have to think of a trick to work on Delilah with. I’m thinking of going through my tricks book and finding one we started. Perhaps Roll-Over or Say Your Prayers. 🙂

    Good luck Kristine, I know you can do it!!


  9. That’s a lotta challenges. We didn’t sign up for the 30/30 since we are already doing longer walks every day. Didn’t think of committing to running 30 min every day! Egad, luckily the old ankles/hip troubles I’ve had in the past will keep me from committing to such a crazy, I mean ambitious, idea! Good luck with all the challenges! We are joining in the other 2.


  10. Oh my goodness! So many challenges! I was going to take part in the 30/30 Challenge, but like you I have had a fear of falling on ice. (I once was asked to pet sit for a woman who fell on the ice while walking her dogs. She broke her leg so badly she needed surgery and she was stuck out in the frigid cold calling for help for over an hour before her dog got someone’s attention. Can you imagine? I am not a paranoid person about ice.)

    It has been nasty cold here and I still haven’t purchased new Yak Traks to replace the ones I threw out at the end of the year last year. However, we did get in 30 minutes tonight. Maybe once I get the Yak Traks I can get back on track with the challenge. Or, maybe Pamela’s challenge is a better option. 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for reminding me about the blog challenge. I forgot to grab my badge!


    • I’m not so much paranoid about walking on ice but running is another matter. It’s also hard to run in snow boots. Perhaps I should have come up with a better way to complete the challenge. I already walk around 60 minutes a day, maybe I can add another 30 on top of that? Or perhaps I can do 30 minutes of a different type of exercise? I’d better think of something fast!


  11. Wow Kristine – that’s a lot of challenges. Looks like we are all heading into the New Year with high hopes and lofty goals. May you attain each and every one of them – and then some! 🙂 Happy New Year!


  12. I find it funny that 30 minutes a day for 30 days is a challenge. Maybe it’s different for all dogs, but I get mine out for at least an hour a day if not 2. But you are really amping it up with the running. That I would find a true challenge! My goals for the year would have to be working on Norman’s recall and teach Kaya some new tricks:)


  13. You really are just a little bit nuts, aren’t you? 😉

    We’re actually joining the 30/30 but with some considerable modifications. Since Bella’s on strict limited exercise due to an injury, she’s only allowed 15 minute walks at a time so we’re adding 15 minutes of brain games for her half of the challenge. As for me, the goal is to get up to 30 minutes running but I’m barely surviving the walking after 2 months of goofing off over the holidays. 😉

    We’re hoping to join the Pet Blogger Challenge and thinking about the Train Your Dog Challenge (although, it’s already 1/6 and we haven’t started so not sure about that…) Good luck in your challenges – can’t wait to read about how they’re going.


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