A Special Birthday Wish

Today Shiva’s House of Deluded Dreamers is celebrating a special day: the birthday of my one and only Practically Husband.


We’ve been together a long time, he and I. It’s hard to recall life without him by my side. Every day I am so thankful I met him and agreed to go out with him for coffee that late Sunday night. I often think about how differently things would have turned out if I had accepted a different job. At the time I had been offered two. It was pure luck I chose the hotel, a position that would introduce me to some of the best friends I’ve ever had, and, of course, the most important friend of all.

I’ve laughed over the fact that when he gave me his number I took it without any intention of calling. I tucked it into my back pocket and then forgot about it completely. He’s persistent, my PH, and I love him for it. I tell him the only reason I agreed to go out with him a second time was because I fell in love with his adorable cat. In truth, I think they are both pretty cute.


Happy birthday to the one person who will put up with all my insanity, who will drive me and Shiva to agility workshops on bitterly cold mornings, entertain my random dreams of blogging glory, and cook me amazing meals every night with a smile on his face. I hope I can help make it a special one.

23 thoughts on “A Special Birthday Wish

  1. Happy Birthday to the PH! Hope he has a fantastic birthday!

    Isn’t it wonderful when we find someone who puts up with us crazy, yet fun girls?:)


  2. Happy birthday, PH! What a lovely birthday tribute. And he cooks, too? Hang on to this one, Kristine. 😉

    I think you’re all pretty lucky to have found each other.


  3. Yeah I think my S.O only wanted me for my pets, at the time Bender was a little wobbly-legged puppy and Frou was a skinny little feral kitten! 😉

    But happy birthday PH!


  4. Ohh WOW… He cooks, drives you n Shiva to agility, loves pets, and in all enjoys ur insanity? I wish everyone of us was as lucky as you Kristine. My heartfelt wishes to you both. PH for his b’day n U for being lucky enough to have found him…

    Pluto Mumma


  5. I want to wish a very belated Happy Birthday to your PH!! What a sweet post! The husbands/wives/partners of bloggers are a dime a dozen! We bloggers can get pretty invested in our craft, and no matter how much or how little our partners understand why we love it so much, they always support us 100%. 🙂


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