Less Wordy Wednesday – Snow Day!

Nova Scotia did not escape from the wicked blizzard that hit the northeast this past weekend. What are they calling it? Nemo? Whatever the name, we had a good time watching the flakes fall outside the window. It’s just too bad we eventually had to crawl out and deal with the aftermath.


Ah, shoveling, the greatest Canadian pastime since drinking beer and watching hockey. Don’t worry, once the work was done we did a lot of those, too. Like a true fitness instructor, Shiva did her best to keep the team motivated.


What we do without her?

18 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – Snow Day!

  1. Dogs always look like they are having so much fun in the snow so we took our pack to the mountains several years ago. They jumped out of the car and right back in where they stayed until it was time to go. Warm weather dogs obviously.


  2. She looks so happy! I, for one, do not miss snow shoveling *at all,* even when it’s 105 outside. In fact, I have a saying for people who ask how we like the weather here after living in New England: “At least you don’t have to shovel 105 off the sidewalk.”


  3. Nemo hit here too, on the other side of the world 😀 At least I think it did. At least there were a lot of talking about the storm called Nemo and everyone said the storm is coming. To where I live I don’t think it hit very hard. We did get snow (again) but it wasn’t any different as the whole winter (it’s been snowing almost the whole winter now -_-). I really miss summer.



  4. We heard that Nova Scotia was to get a lot of snow, how much did you get? Ours is almost gone now and the dogs are disappointed. Very disappointed. I keep telling them that once we move, we’ll be dealing with lots of snow on the east coast!

    I love the video of Shiva, she looks like she had a great time in the snow.


  5. Good girl? LOL – I love how your PH finds the ball for her and you still praise Shiva for it. 🙂

    Shiva really is a bundle of energy, isn’t she? She’s so cute hopping around in the snow.


  6. We haven’t had that much snow for years – and you know we are in the mountains. Hope it doesn’t last long – even though it looks like Shiva loves it


  7. If you have any doubt of how far you have come, there you are with your dog loose in the front yard, and a snowplow just over there, and you aren’t worried at all about her busting off for parts unknown.

    Doesn’t it feel wonderful?


  8. Shiva looked like she’s having a blast…plus she found her ball!

    And I couldn’t agree more…nothing like an ice cold beer after a day in the sun. I mean, snow. 😉


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