Less Wordy Wednesday – Best. Birthday Gift. Ever.

I’ve often joked that it’s a good thing Shiva is a mixed breed all her own. One Shiva is probably all the world can take. We don’t know if she had any siblings but I am inclined to think not. I am sure the screams would have ricocheted across the city by now.

However, I stand corrected. After opening my birthday present this year, I’ve determined two Shivas is actually a good thing.

Framed Shiva

Shiva herself agrees. Now she has someone to blame when we find garbage strewn all over the floor.


As lovely as the new Shiva is, though, I think I still prefer the original. There is one=hundred-percent more cat chasing with a classic Sheevs, but there are also at least as many cuddles.


36 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – Best. Birthday Gift. Ever.

  1. That drawing is incredible! Looks just like her. It even manages to capture a little bit of mischief in her eyes! But we agree with you, the original Shiva (as crazy as she may be) is much more cuddlier than the framed form! 🙂 Happy Wednesday!


  2. Wow – what a fabulous birthday gift!!! That picture is gorgeous!

    (But given the silly looks Shiva 1.0 is making in all the accompanying photos, I still think she’s the most rockin’ hound in the house. She is just too cute.)


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