Less Wordy Wednesday – Look for the Light

There isn’t anything particularly exciting about the below pictures. No unique poses or set-ups. Yet I am so thrilled to have taken them. For the first time in what feels like eons it has been light enough to pull out the camera during our morning walks.


It’s a late winter miracle!


And there is grass! Do you see that? Sure, it’s brown and dead but it is lovely to see spaces that are not covered in snow.


With the increasing light, I have to believe the worst is over. March is only a few short days away. Good things are coming, I am sure of it.


17 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – Look for the Light

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  2. Looks like everyone’s dreaming of Spring this week. 🙂

    Lovely pics. I’ve noticed it’s been getting lighter in the evening when I get home to walk Bella, too. Summer’s coming…


  3. Spring comes in February here, but it’s a fickle spring. One day we’re back in winter and the next is the wonderful promise of the world of light. I wonder if dogs notice that there are more light hours now.


  4. I can’t believe that you just said the worst is over! I’ve been thinking that quietly to myself but didn’t say it out loud! Thanks for the jinx! lol:)

    Love the pictures! It is nice to see some areas of grass again!


  5. Spring is coming! Hooray!

    We lived in Massachusetts for a while, and it was the first time I really understood why people got so excited about it. It’s just so *crushing* to leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark, every day for months. I’m glad you’re seeing the sun again!


  6. I really do enjoy waking up to light at 7am instead of darkness. I go to work and there’s light AND I’m coming home (or at least, going to the gym) and it’s light! (by the time I leave the gym it’s dark… lol)


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