Less Wordy Wednesday – You Asked For It

I have had the hardest time getting any clear photographs of my current three foster kittens. After this, I will never complain about The Cat’s modeling abilities again. These little monkeys refuse to look at the camera and refuse to hold a pose long enough for me to get a shot. I am not asking for world-class pictures here. I know my limitations. But I can’t even get anything that portrays a smidgeon of their cuteness.

However, you asked for more pictures and I don’t want to disappoint. Here is the best of what I’ve got.


At least while attacking each other they are kind of looking my way. Better than this one of them staring at the wall. They were looking right at me less than a second before, I swear.


The below photo of the littlest girl is probably the best of all the pictures I’ve taken, and that is not saying much.


Even when I have someone to help, the kitten still won’t look at the camera!


Oh well. I know how adorable they are. I guess that’s all that matters.


29 thoughts on “Less Wordy Wednesday – You Asked For It

  1. Oooooooo! Could you put that little grey one in a box and mail it here! I’m sure my husband and Kuster won’t notice…

    If it helps, I feel your pain! Getting pictures of Kuster as a puppy was an exercise in extreme frustration much of the time, too!


  2. You got them! They are so sweet and fluffy. No reason for you to feel bad about your photos. I don’t do very well in the photo department unless I can convince my the photos are “artistic”. (which they really are not, but I feel better)


  3. Love the look Shiva is giving you! The pic of the little girl kitten is really good., don’t beat yourself up so much. 🙂 I have to keep the camera on sport mode to get anything relatively in focus when the dogs are outside.


  4. OMG they are freakin adorable!!! I love kittens 🙂 and I know first hand how extremely impossible they are to photograph . . that’s why I took 600 pictures of our 5 fosters – you know, so I could get 10 good ones (hint: try to get them when they are still sleepy)!! They are definitely squeeee worthy!!


  5. They are definitely adorable! I think your the picture of the girl kitten is pretty good – it kind of looks like she’s posing for you. I feel your pain… I try to photograph my rat and that’s no easy task lol.


  6. They are so cute, while I notice the kittens won’t look at the camera, I do see you’ve got Shiva the dog well trained. 🙂

    Have you tried them with the clicker yet? You might be able to teach look. 🙂


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