They Never Told Me I Would Love the Snow


They never told me I would love the snow.

It turns dark to light, illuminating once-frightening places.

“Your hair is like the stars,” she says when I step towards the approaching bus.

I startle and frown, not understanding.

She gestures to my hair, the over-long tresses adorned with fat flakes. A smile curves her lips.

“Oh!” I touch fingertips to my hatless head. I am flattered without knowing why. “I suppose.”

Halifax snow is a bucket, more Poseidon than Jack.

Edmonton snow is a feather. It lands soft on shoulders and brushes off with a flick.

I expected to fear the sky. It’s too large, to limitless, too wide.

The Maritimes were a reprieve with their hills and trees.

They were an escape, a place too hide.

The Prairie is open, flaws bared for all to see. I feel self-conscious, unprepared.

Like I am giving a speech and forgot my notes.

I dislike how it is too bright, too blue, too uncovered.

Clouds feel safe, warm, protective.

But now there is snow and the sky is my friend. It sparkles and floats and charms.

It shows me the way and covers my flaws.

The snow here is cold, colder than I expect.

It doesn’t melt when touched and squeaks rather than crunches.

It is likely I will lose a few toes before winter is done.

But I won’t mind, as long as it snows.


16 thoughts on “They Never Told Me I Would Love the Snow

  1. Hi Kristine, snow is good. It’s like God decided to add a layer of purity to our surroundings. Oh yes, I got a new wagon and it even comes with skis that can replace the wheels. We could all go for a ride together. My dad will pull. Sound good?


  2. My favorite memory of Edmonton is walking to the University at night, the street lights illuminating the sidewalk, and the snow slowly and quietly falling. It was cold enough that nothing was melting, but warm enough that I was happy in a toque and mittens. Its like the city gave me a hug. Enjoy the early winter 🙂


  3. God how I love the way you express beauty through words. We get snow like this. I used to hate it, until I became a pet sitter. Being outdoors all of the time allowed meto see it in such a new light. I love the silence and the magical feel of it. Like a cocoon of white.

    I hope you don’t lose any toes. 🙂


  4. What I love about snow is how it really blankets the world, everything seems quieter, more peaceful. I loved it as a child, then as a younger adult not so much, but I’m back to loving it again.

    Full circle.


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