It Ain’t Easy Being a Canadian Blogger in November

Life in one of North America’s most northerly cities of substantial size has more pluses than minuses. I was surprised when I saw just how many varieties of tree live in Edmonton’s river valley. After living thirteen years on the Albertan prairie, a region sparsely forested and then only with cottonwoods, I expected more of the same when my plane landed in July. The dry climate and constant wind of the southern part of the province just doesn’t allow for much greenery. I was then trilled to learn how different the North really is from the South. In more ways than one.

For instance, being along the 53rd parallel means Edmonton receives many more hours of daylight during the summer months than my former city of Halifax. Thus, it follows, now that it is winter, my life looks pretty much like this:

007Oh, there are brief periods of sunshine, or so I am told. But I have this habit of blinking and missing them.

I shan’t complain. For one thing, it’s only going to get worse. It is just a bit annoying that every year when I have committed to posting every day for thirty days, the only pictures I have to share look like this:

011And no, I didn’t alter the photo to make it look black and white. This is just our world now. Not so much impressive or inspiring.

It just means I am going to have to actually come up with things to say and can’t get away with throwing up a few photos. For this last week, whatever creativity is lurking in the depths of my soul better crawl to the surface. Otherwise it’ll be “Black and White Sunday” every day until the Solstice.

On that happy note, I’d better make like a good Canadian girl and indulge in another of my country’s favourite pastimes – other than ranting about the weather, I mean. It’s Grey Cup day and that means it is time for my obligatory five minute interest in football. Since it is only once a year I suppose I can fake it for a little while. Go Riders?

008I know. Even the Shivster finds my enthusiasm overwhelming.

8 thoughts on “It Ain’t Easy Being a Canadian Blogger in November

  1. We have shorter daylight hours until 21st December, when very slowly the daylight hours will expand. Don’t usually notice much of a difference until well into January or even February. As soon as it’s noticeable it gives us the promise that spring is on it’s way.


  2. Ugh – we don’t live THAT far north, but our days are definitely short! The worst part is, the little daylight we have goes unnoticed by us since the sun comes up after we go into work and down before we come out! We have the same problem with getting blog photos. If I don’t take them during the days on the weekends, I don’t get anything good!


  3. You finally did it. You made me thankful for living at 42 degrees north. πŸ™‚

    Last year I vowed I’d spend more time looking at the moon and stars in the winter. Unfortunately, clouds 220+ days of the year put the kibosh on that plan.

    BTW, from one NoBloPoMo’er to another, great job on blogging on how your situation lessens what you can blog about. πŸ™‚


  4. Wow, that’s tough. We lived in London, Ont. for a while – not super far North, but still, I’m certain it was named London because it’s just as grey all the time as it’s bigger namesake. After living there for 2 winters, I’m SO happy to be back to being a Southern girl. I don’t do well without the sun!


  5. I love the photos you’ve shown! It looks like twilight. We’re at the 45 parallel, I know what it is like not to see sunshine. We have constant grey clouds almost all winter.

    You are a brave girl. πŸ™‚


  6. I feel the same way! It’s so dark and grey here by the time I leave work. Next year, I’m going to save up a secret stash of well lit photos for when the weather turns and I can’t get a good shot. You’ll all be like “Where is she getting all this daylight? Did she quit her job to take pictures of her dog walks?”

    I do think your grey walk looks lovely though. When I see your pictures, I think, just for a moment, that I might like the snow, but then I give my head a shake and remember that I, in fact, detest the snow and would die in Alberta.


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