I Write More and More Letters

Dear Startled Dog Park Man,

I am sorry I didn’t feel sorry when my dog tore open your flimsy plastic treat bag. Giggling and shrugging were probably not the most considerate responses to my dog’s stealing all of your dehydrated turkey. I know how expensive that stuff is. I forget that most other dogs have manners and don’t see a Ziploc bag waved in their faces as an invitation to destroy. No doubt it is behaviour for which I should feel ashamed.

Perhaps if you hadn’t rewarded my dog for ignoring my recall I would have felt a bit more apologetic in the moment. I realize you were just being generous, but I would ask in the future that if I am calling my dog away, you don’t stop and give her a treat. Doing so only encourages her begging and makes it harder for me to convince her to leave you alone. It would be like someone throwing one hundred dollar bills at you while your boss yells at you to get back to work. On whom would you focus your attention in that scenario? You really did bring it on yourself.

Again, I am truly sorry I my dog ate all of your treats. I am glad they didn’t make her sick.


Your Fellow Dog Walker

Dear Shiva,

I know you haven’t had an easy time of it lately. I know between the cone and the kennel rest and the harassment from the feline you are probably losing some serious shit. All you want to do is play and run around. But you can’t and it sucks. It sucks for us too. I promise if you keep hanging in there, eventually there will be a time you can do this again:

But all work and no sleep makes for very grumpy humans. I don’t like being grumpy. I don’t like locking you in your kennel at night. So if it’s not too much to ask, could you please, please, please settle down nicely tonight?


Forever yours,

The Woman Who Controls Your Food Supply

To the So-Called Dog Lover at the Pet Store,

What may have seemed like a rip-off to you actually made my dog much more comfortable during her time of distress. I don’t care if you thought the flexible blue cone was a waste of money. It was cheap, but still far nicer than the horrible, stiff, plastic thing the vet gave us. I don’t appreciate your rude attitude nor do I appreciate you telling my practically husband that spending money on something that might make our dog’s life a little easier is stupid.

You’re stupid. I hope whatever animal you own never has to wear such a thing but if he or she does, I hope you learn the error of your ways.


Your Former Customer

Dear Food Network Canada,

I admit, I have stopped watching you. There was a time I was your biggest fan. I would gleefully rush home after work to make sure I caught the latest installment of Top Chef Canada. And I loved you even more for Bitchin’ Kitchen. Somehow, though, I got over you. Maybe it was all the unnecessary drama over who made the best appetizer out of vending machine snacks. I can’t say why but I’ve tuned out. Your longtime, hardcore fan no longer is even willing to pay the $3.00 a month to watch your network.

That’s right. I don’t get the Food Network anymore. Haven’t for months.

Wanna know one way to recapture my loyalty?

I have this friend. She has this blog, called Kol’s Notes. If you are worth anything you will have heard of it. She comes up with amazingly creative recipes, like these ginger apple and lamb muttballs or these ingenious shepherd’s pie pupcakes. I mean, seriously. She is the Martha Stewart of dogginess. Do you need any more proof than her most recent holiday concoction? Dog treat filled ornaments! Who does that?

A talented woman, that’s who. If your network is worth anything, it would recognize how booming the pet industry is and leap on that bandwagon. I’d like to suggest Ms. Kolchak Puggle as your first doggy chef. Smart, hilarious, and adorable, she is a guaranteed ratings diva.

Think about it.

Missing you,

A Closet Foodie

Dear Kitty Meister,

Before this becomes a habit, let me make one thing clear to you. No amount of scratching, howling, or shrieking at the treat cupboard is going to get you what you want. It may have worked in the past because you are really annoying when you holler at the top of your lungs but no more!

You may think you deserve sympathy due to your advanced age. You are wrong. Nine years is not that old, my furry friend. You are perfectly healthy. Stop the whole pathetic feline act and stop pretending you are starving when you have a full food bowl and when I know your favourite person gave you a handful of kitty crack less than thirty minutes ago.

It is time for an intervention. If you don’t keep your trap shut, I may decide you need to be weaned off the treats completely. Cold turkey. How do you like them apples?


Your Consolation Human

Dear Petosphere,

It is almost the holiday season and that means my new favourite pet blogging event is upon us. That’s correct, it is time for the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange, hosted by none other than Something Wagging This Way Comes and I Still Want More Puppies.

Have you signed up yet? Why not? Better get on it before December 1st rolls around and everyone is having fun and making new friends without you.

C’mon… You know you wanna and I wanna get to know you better! So what’s stopping you?

Your biggest fan,

Your Fellow Pet Blogger

14 thoughts on “I Write More and More Letters

  1. I tell anyone who tries to give Polly (and my dogs before her) treats not to. I don’t want her thinking everyone she meets has treats and becomes a nuisance. I’ve even had people offer her treats without asking me. Polly doesn’t usually take them, but on the few times she has I’ve made her drop it and then told the person never to give treats to a dog without asking the owner first.


    • Polly is a pretty special dog if she is able to resist the lure of free food. I am impressed you are able to get her to drop it, it says a lot about your relationship.


      • Kristine, It’s because Polly is wary of people:) It’s not so easy to get her to drop something once she has it, but luckily on the few occasions it’s happened she has.


  2. Wow, I better watch my behavior. Or I might be getting one of those letters myself.

    On the other hand, I can’t think of anything better than getting dressed down by you by mail. šŸ™‚

    And I would totally watch Jodi making treats on television. I hope you have some clout with the powers that be.

    Thanks for telling everyone about the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange. šŸ™‚


  3. Dear Kristine,

    Your creativity combined with your writing skills never ceases to amaze me. I hope at least one of these letters (the food network one) gets sent, you are right it would be an amazing show.

    In the meantime, would you consider running a creative writing workshop for those of us who could use a bit more creativity in our blogs? I’d be the first one to sign up.

    A blogger that could use some help.


  4. My eyes are all misty at your letter. Thank you ā¤ In my dreams, someday this will lead to a show. Maybe…if I'm very lucky. I would be ALL OVER THAT and Food Network, I promise I would work like a dog for you!

    Also, Dear Guy with the jerky treats, You are lucky as hell you met Kristine and not me, because I I would have torn a strip off you. What kind of special moron brings food to a dog park?


  5. Love the letters!!! the guy with the turkey sounds like a fool…. not sure why the person at the pet shop was offering their opinion on your purchase that is just nosey…. my older kitty turns 8 next month and she is starting to be more vocal in her demands also. A friend of mine had a 16 year old cat and he was even more demanding. Perhaps it does happen with age…


  6. I just found your blog and I love it! As an Edmontonian your blog went right to the top as one of my favorites!
    And I totally want Jodi to get her own Food Network show! and so does Kolchak…imagine all the extra nummies!


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