Things Making Me Feel

Things Making Me Feel Needlessly Guilty

The three times I used Shiva’s surgery as an excuse for asking another dog owner to re-leash his or her dog.

The fact I wish I had thought of this sooner.

I spent the extra bit of money I had for this month on symphony tickets instead of savings.

The fact that I almost wish our Christmas this year would be as quiet as previous years. As lovely as it will be to spend the holidays with family, the coordination makes my head ache.

The Nanaimo bar I ate for lunch.

My cat. I haven’t seen him since I startled him off my chair. No wonder he hates me.

Things Making Me Feel Needlessly Happy

Our wee little tree and twinkle lights on the staircase. if I could, I would cover the house in them.

The fact that there are so many programs celebrating the beauty of dogs. Like this one:

Re-reading one of my favourite books from a wiser perspective.

Nutcracker tickets.

December is just one day away.

Shiva’s purple polka-dotted coat made by my kind and generous practically mother-in-law. We are so lucky.

The yummy roasted potatoes I just had for dinner.

Things Making Me Feel Needlessly Nostalgic

This photo of Shiva with our old lilac bush.

012Mint chocolate Girl Guide cookies.

The thought of giving up my Blackberry.

The wish I had blogged more last year so I would have a record of all we experienced. The knowledge that even if I attempt to tell the stories now, they won’t be the same as they would have been.

Things Making Me Feel Relieved

Tomorrow is the last day of Movember.

Things Making Me Feel Less Relieved Than I Expected

Tomorrow is the last day of NaBloPoMo. I kind of wish it wasn’t.

5 thoughts on “Things Making Me Feel

  1. yes I know that I am missing stories from my blog over the last couple of months – sometimes it just takes more energy than I have to sit down and write


  2. Hi Kristine, you’re a “good egg”. Don’t feel guilty about stuff that makes you feel better. We regret the things that we didn’t do more so than the stuff we did do (that’s what lawyers and asking “forgiveness” afterwards are for). Sorry Kristine, that was my pesky dad. Oh yes, one more thing. FIDO (F— It, Drive On). Okay? Now go have that second Nanaimo bar πŸ™‚


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