To Jammy or Not to Jammy

There has been a bit of a dispute at Shiva’s House of Deluded Dreamers and I am recruiting your aid in solving it. You see, the whole t-shirt thing just isn’t working. My shirts, as wicked and fashionable as they are, don’t quite fit. The rockin’ side knot is not as secure as I’d like it to be and on more than one occasion Shiva has been able to find her way out in the middle of the night. Don’t ask me how. I think it has something to do with her ability to stretch the neck below her shoulders. All I know is, when I call her to head downstairs for our morning walk, she falls on her face tripping over the too-long hem. As amusing as this is – and watching Shiva flop around is kind of funny* – it isn’t helping her scar heal over.

In my opinion, the only logical solution to Shiva’s bleeding chest is pyjamas. It is obvious, right? A onesie is the only way to prevent Shiva from scratching too much. The only way. That is fact. No room for argument. Plain as the derision on TC’s face.

I am thinking something along the lines of Felix’s adorable jammies, a la Kol’s Notes.


And before you say anything, my desire for Shiva to wear jammies has nothing to do with the adorable pictures I would take. I am offended you would even think such a thing.

My PH, on the other hand, thinks the glaringly straightforward and indisputable solution is ridiculous. He thinks Shiva is doing just fine in my t-shirts, floor flopping and all. He thinks my idea of jammies is extreme and maybe a wee bit insane. I ask you, does this look like a happy Shiva to you?


Of course not. It is a picture of misery and discomfort. Poor little muffin. My PH is so cold.

This is why I am turning to you, my dog-loving friends. You see that Shiva needs a set of pyjamas, right? Right? You don’t think I am nuts! It is for her own well-being and safety! Her scar will never heal unless we take action now. It really is something that needs to happen, thinking otherwise is relegating Shiva to a life of enslavement to old U2 and Our Lady Peace advertisements. Death by Phantom of the Opera entanglement is no way to go.

Or, perhaps my PH is right? Maybe I have crossed the line into dog crazydom? If so, I may need you to pull me back from the brink. Help!

*I know, I know, worst dog owner ever. You have no idea. Maybe I should make this a regular feature of the blog and just ‘fess all once a week so you all can feel so much better about your own caregiving abilities.

14 thoughts on “To Jammy or Not to Jammy

  1. Remember some dogs never take to PJs, so you could be wasting your money. If it’s the only thing that will stop her getting to her wound, then it’s worth a try.


  2. I’m thinking of getting Bella jammies if only to keep her warm at night. Not sure she’ll like it any more than Shiva but at least we could compare pictures, er, notes. 😉


  3. I think Jammies are extremely appropriate 🙂 One of my girls had an allergic reaction to ant stings and grass and ever since then I’ve been trying to get her to grow hair back on her belly. The only thing that has helped her from scratching is putting her in clothes. It started with my Tshirts (also with a lovely top-knot or a hair elastic around the excess), but she stretched the necks pretty quickly so I found some cheap dog sweaters at Old Navy (3-5$) and have never looked back. Plus the doggie ones don’t bunch under the arms and will let her run and play like she thinks she should!


  4. I voted “duh” – of course she needs pj’s! I realize it may lessen your amusement at her tripping down the stairs in a t-shirt – but it’ll be safer for her. And also, I selfishly want to see a pic of her in pj’s. It’ll make me feel less guilty for buying Blueberry a barn coat. 😉


  5. Silas does not like clothes, so I think that the full-on pajamas would make him miserable. If that’s the only way you’ll get the right coverage, do it. And, of course, take zillions of pictures for all of us to see. Otherwise, you might just need to get her a dog (or even a kid’s size) shirt.


  6. Hahaha. I’m afraid I have a pretty strict no-clothes-on-dogs personal policy, so I would side with PH on this one. BUT, Shiva is not Moses or Alma, so I will respect any decision you make. And the tshirt is what we used for Mo after his bloat surgery because the good ol’ cone of shame just wasn’t practical. I might be tempted to alter a tshirt for Shiva by cutting out extra room and then sewing it back up. Or stapling. Or using that iron-on hem stuff. I’m no seamstress.


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