5 Things I Like to Discover About People


Unlike my last instalment of the 31 Lists Project this time I am jumping ahead. We already know I have massive difficulties stating what I am good at so day 14 is completely out. On the other end of the spectrum, I am a little too good at confessing my failures and it’s getting old, which means day 17 is also out. Besides, no one has that kind of time.

Anyway, I scanned the list this morning and day 28’s topic intrigued me. I love finding out fascinating things about people, especially things I could never anticipate. You can never tell by looking at a person what she has experienced or what secrets she may be hiding. Uncovering the unique talents and pleasures of people I think I know is always a thrill. But what are my favourite discoveries? That’s what you are about to find out.

5 Things I Like to Discover About People (Consider this encouragement to bare all in the comments)

1. What are you reading, right now? – As someone who takes public transit, I see a lot of people reading on the commute every day. Innately curious, I always strain my neck trying to get a glimpse of the book cover. Curse the advent of e-readers! All they do is prevent me from snooping on my seatmate! I love finding out that the little old lady who gets on at the stop after mine is a huge fan of Tolkien, or that the young undergrad who always stands by the back door reads everything from Harlequin to Sagan. It isn’t about judgment; I am just fascinated by books in general. I want to know what other people are interested in and whether they enjoy the book or not. I am always stunned when people say they loved A Time Traveler’s Wife, because it just seems so odd to me that others got something out of a book I didn’t like. I love hearing opinions that are different from my own. For instance, right now, I am reading Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman. I was obsessed with the Netflix Show in the summer when I was unemployed and wanted to finally get the real account. It isn’t nearly as entertaining as the show but worthy of a read for other reasons.

2. Do you have any pets? – This one is a no-brainer. Whenever I am struggling in a social situation – okay, every social situation I have ever been in – it is an easy conversation starter. Sometimes it leads to connection and sometimes it doesn’t. But it never offends. Besides, I never tire of hearing about other people’s relationships with their animals.

3. What are you listening to? – I don’t talk about it much in these parts, but music is important to me. I have been through huge changes in musical preferences during my 31 years and I always love to hear different recommendations. Much like the reading question above, I am fascinated to find out what people are listening to, right now. I don’t care if it’s Miley Cyrus or Classified, when I learn someone I know is a huge fan of a genre I never previously considered, it can lead to an awesome new discovery. Most people struggle to find a favourite song or musical piece (for the record, mine is Beethoven’s “little symphony in F”) but they have a preferred band or artist. I love discovering who that is.

4. What was your favourite subject in school? – The alternate question is “what was your university major” but that can be incredibly elitist. Though most people have degrees in my current social circles, I know that not everyone does and I don’t even believe that everyone should. So it’s easier to ask their favourite thing to study. Again, I love the unexpected and I especially love finding fellow history majors who are working in fields completely unrelated to their degrees. It’s a kinship of sorts.

5. What do you watch for pure entertainment’s sake? – Again, it’s all about differing perspectives. People never cease to surprise me when they tell me they loved the last Will Ferrell movie or that they can’t get enough of Keanu Reeves. It goes to show how little one’s guilty pleasures have to do with their intelligence levels. Seinfeld is practically Tao around my house, yet Pamela has made it clear how much she despises the 90’s sitcom. Not that I am one to talk. The fact I have yet to read or watch Harry Potter will surely have me lynched in some circles.

What about you? Are their any questions to love to ask? Are there any secret shames you like to uncover?

6 thoughts on “5 Things I Like to Discover About People

  1. This was like I would have written it 😀 That book question is my favorite (I’m going to be a librarian xD). And the pet question would be very dangerous. When I get to speak about dogs (or other animals) I’ll never stop 😀



  2. This is like a good off-shoot of the Meet the Blogger hop….I’ll answer some of these….

    Reading right now: Book 2 of Game of Thrones: Clash of Kings….I couldn’t get into the HBO series, but enjoy the books. Just finished: Chaser: Dog who knows 1000 words

    Pets: You should know that answer already 😉 It’s not always an inoffensive topic….I once had someone ask me how I could let those dirty creatures on my house!

    I have a BA degree in Art with minors in Art History and Anthropology

    My favorite movies are sci-fi and fantasy so, yes, I’ve read and seen Harry Potter. LOL! Loved Lord of the Rings, any of the Marvel super-hero movies, etc.


  3. These are great questions, because I think they can be so revealing about someone’s personality and lifestyle. I also like to ask people what their favorite films are, because I feel like it’s also one of those “quick insight” questions.

    (I also loved “Orange Is the New Black,” and I’m looking forward to the next season!)


  4. Those are some great conversation starters. The pets especially, but I’m always up for a good pet conversation. 🙂 music,movies and books are great to ask people about. Thanks for the post. 🙂


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