Scenes from the Solstice

Last year, on December 21st, I spent the entire day taking photographs of random moments and experiences. If you recall, December 21st, 2012 was set to be the End of the World and I wanted to make sure I captured it all. Much to my disappointment, the world kept turning and there are no cataclysmic scenes in the whole lot. Despite that, it was a fun exercise so I have decided to do it again. I reckon the Solstice, being the shortest day of the year, is as good a thing to ensnare as the Apocalypse.

The sun rose at approximately 9:00 am this morning and is due to set at 4:00 pm. That is not a lot of daylight to track. It is definitely the shortest day of the year. I hope to record as much as I can for posterity’s sake. Throughout the day I will keep updating today’s post with new snapshots. Given it is a weekend, I am hoping my activities will be slightly more interesting than a typical day at the office. The sun is bright and the snow is crisp. Let’s see what adventures await!



12 thoughts on “Scenes from the Solstice

  1. Great idea! I love all the pics, especially the CHOCOLATE ones! Those Lindt truffle things are my all time favourite. If I don’t stop by before the big day, we’re sending you lots of good wishes for Christmas x


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