Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange – NEPA Pets, Pet Expert of the Northeast

Pet-Bloggers-Gift-Exchange-graphicWhen I found out who my match was for the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange I was almost more pumped than last year  – if such an emotion is possible. Not because the author is my close friend or because it is a website I frequent often, more because of the exact opposite. Obviously I knew of NEPA Pets and I have been following the blog’s Twitterfeed for some time, I’ve even had the honour of conversing with the accomplished writer via Facebook, but she isn’t someone I have been lucky enough to get to know on a personal level. The website itself, while a fantastic resource for pet lovers in Northeastern Pennsylvania and elsewhere, never found it’s way into my regular rotation. Which is a shame. Nonetheless it excited me as I had a whole new blog to explore! And who doesn’t love that?

Nepa Pets

First off, I have to say that the human mind behind NEPA Pets is brilliant and hilarious. I mean, just look at this first line from her about page:

“Oh, NEPA is a magical place, where unicorns slide down rainbows while glitter rains down from cotton candy clouds.”

Right away I knew this was someone I had to uncover.

Second to that, her pets are gorgeous. I could just look at her cat, Omar, all day long. As soon as I saw his portrait on her Facebook cover photo, I was in serious love.

Nepa Pets

From the adorable pawprint logo – seriously, I would wallpaper my house in pawprints if I knew my landlord wouldn’t have a conniption – to the funny and insightful “You Know You’re a Pet Parent When…” feature there is so much to which I can relate. Then, when I found out she is owned by Jack Russell Terriers? Better yet, a JRT named Havoc? That’s when I was hooked for life. I fully intend on pestering the heck out of her when I finally get my own convince my PH that a JRT would be the perfect addition to our wee family.

Somehow this writer has time to not only care for four dogs, six cats, four birds, two Guinea pigs, one ferret AND one rabbit, but also to, I assume, feed herself, go to work, and publish a popular blog providing useful information to her local pet community. Yeah, did you get all that? I did the math. It doesn’t add up. Remember, she lives with Jack-off-the-wall Russell Terriers, plus all of these other critters who need attention every day. This woman is a force and should be taken very, very seriously.


I am certain she wakes up with much more energy than the rest of us. She clicker-trained her rabbit, for crying out loud! If that doesn’t say infinite patience, nothing does. Heck, she and Glee have come a lot further with the retrieve than Shiva and I.

One of the things I admire the most is how NEPA Pets has established itself as a pet expert within the local area. It was one of the things I longed to do when I lived in Halifax but was prevented due to laziness and a job in the local hotbed of animal welfare. I wasn’t able to push myself forward due to professional conflicts and it is something I felt lacking about my website. NEPA Pets, on the other hand, has been able to fit right into that niche, contributing greatly to the local pet culture. For instance, I love the fact she has set up a whole Facebook group for owners in her region. What an incredible way for people to connect!

Of course, as the writer herself says, within the blog there is something for every pet lover, regardless of address. “NEPA Pets is a community where all pet people (and by all pet people we are talking about dog people, cat people, ferret people, parrot people, etc) can learn, love and share about the animals they love as well as help make a difference for those homeless pets in NEPA.”

soyouthinkyouwantaparrot2_thumbAnd it’s true. While perusing over her 2013 posts, I was able to learn quite a bit about pet care. One of my favourites, which I have marked in case the worst happens, was her post on how to handle a skunking. It is something every dog owner who lives near a forest fears. I am stunned it hasn’t happened with the Shivster. Yet. Or how about this helpful article on treating fur mites in rabbits? I also recall this terrific and informative post on parrot ownership that I wish more people would read before taking home their tropical friend. Her sharp wit and knowledgeable perspective would go a long way to changing a lot of minds. It should be standard reading in every pet store.

There are a lot of reasons to check out NEPA Pets. I have been attempting to capture it all on a single Pinterest board but it hasn’t come anywhere near doing the website justice. I recommend you just check out the real deal to appreciate the author’s wisdom and acerbic style. There is no way I could cover it all in one post. Seriously, a woman who finds the time to look this good after caring for so many fascinating animals while also contemplating a wicked assortment of DIY projects? This is someone who needs to be in your feed reader. Yesterday.

A special thanks goes to Something Wagging This Way Comes for giving me the push I needed to check out such an important website. I am a better person for it and I hope I have deserved the ultra kind post she wrote for me. If you are interested in learning about the other participating blogs, make sure to click on the links below. We could all use more pet related reading material, right?

5 thoughts on “Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange – NEPA Pets, Pet Expert of the Northeast

  1. Yes! I am impressed and intimidated by Dawn’s awesomeness too. And it doesn’t show on her blog, but she continually mentors other pet bloggers. She hosts the 30 Days to a Better Blog discussion on the BlogPaws website and has organized efforts to increase the FB engagement of pet bloggers.

    I have briefly met Dawn and I can tell you that with every step she takes, little clouds of sparkles form under her feet. 🙂

    Great job. I’m sure Dawn will be thrilled with your compliments and encouragement. Thanks so much for joining the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange.


  2. I second what Pamela said. Dawn has been a tremendous help to me with so many things. I’m amazed at how she does it all. Facebook, G+, BlogPaws, she’s very involved with all of these, yet still finds the time to write an awesome blog and mentor others.

    I was lucky enough to spend some face time with her in DC but I have to tell you….I never looked at her feet, so I can’t vouch for the clouds of sparkle. 🙂


  3. I’m so glad you were paired with her, too! I love being introduced to new blogs, and this one is new to me, but I’m adding it to my reader right now!


  4. Although they are not a pet for me, I am so interested in parrots! I’ll be adding this one to my blog roll! Havoc is absolutely the best name for a JRT. I was re-reading a favorite children’s Christmas story called ‘Star Mother’s Youngest Child’ recently and the old lady’s dog is named Uproar, another brilliant one.


  5. I had no idea that NEPA was such a magical place full of fantastical beasts and incredible whimsy. You’ve opened my eyes. 🙂 Though perhaps it is this very magic that enables Dawn to do so much. I’ve long been in awe of all she manages to accomplish. Dawn is a superwoman.

    I loved your post – it was such a generous and thoughtful gift, and it really captures much of the things I love about Dawn and her blog.

    And I have to agree – Havoc might be the best name for a JRT in the history of the world.


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