Best of 2013, aka End to the Year of Shittery


To be frank, 2013 kind of sucked. By the end of January last year I had already determined it would be the “Year of Shittery”. Whether or not this bad attitude got in the way, the last twelve months lived up to the moniker. Things weren’t going in our favour. From being forced to confront financial issues, to having to leave the best job I’ve ever had, to taking an over-extended blogging break, to multiple tragic losses, to Shiva’s scary time at the emergency vet, and a whole bunch of crappy moments in between, it wasn’t the happiest time of my life. I could not wait for a fresh start. There is nothing I would love more than to put it all behind me and begin again with a sense of hope.

Positively Present shared a post outlining all of the best moments of 2013. As hard as it is for me to hammer pleasant notes out of the last year, I do want to get this blog off to a more positive start. I am determined to find my inner optimist this round, even if it is going to take every ounce of energy I’ve got. Somewhere, deep inside my cynical brain, must be a woman walking on the sunnier side of the street. She has just been knocked over by the hordes of blacked-robed, nay-saying, unmotivated, bitchy pessimists masquerading as realists. Now that it is 2014 and I have crawled to the other side with all my limbs intact, I am going to give this brighter woman a chance to stand and speak. Nothing is so bad that I can’t find a highlight or two. This is what she would say, anyway. Perhaps it is time I listened.

025Year of Shittery be danged, here are the best moments of 2013, as I remember them (in no particular order):

  • The weekend we spent in Prince Edward Island, sans-dog for the first time in four years
  • Ranting over Nanaimo bars with a good friend
  • Finding our beautiful new house in Edmonton
  • Seeing my best friend for the first time in way too many years
  • Trying okonomiyaki for the first time
  • Shiva getting to meet her cousins for the first time


  • Doggie Easter Egg Hunt – I haven’t laughed so hard before or since that day. The photo we have of Shiva with the Easter Bunny will always make me smile.


  • The New Adventures of Flat Kristine – gosh, I have some kickass friends
  • Lion’s Winter Ale by Granville Island Brewing
  • Being brave enough to take The Cat on a plane.
  • Almost meeting Margaret Atwood
  • Cheese tasting at the Rocky Mountain Wine Festival
  • Almost meeting Christopher Lloyd
  • Holidays with family for the first time in five years
  • Re-designing my blog and rekindling my love of writing by participating in NaBloPoMo for the fourth time
  • The rollercoaster at Klondike Days, even though my PH was too tall to ride
  • Beating my previous time in the Bluenose Marathon

If I am to think on it, it is possible 2013 wasn’t as low a year as I have described. Though there will be no zany video like 2012, I suppose it wasn’t a total write-off either. Most of all, however, it is the people who helped me survive. Without so many incredible friends, many of whom have gone unacknowledged, I might be languishing in the bottom of a cardboard box somewhere, lost to an overdose of chocolate and bad young adult fiction. I regret my lack of reply to your outreach of support. But please know it made a huge difference.

It is impossible for me to end this wrap-up without mentioning the special contributions of some pretty spectacular individuals in the petosphere. Thank you to No Dog About It,  Kol’s Notes, The Dog Park, Peggy’s Pet Place, I Still Want More Puppies, NEPA Pets, CindyLu’s Muse, Go Pet Friendly, Heart Like a Dog, Life With Desmond, Something Wagging This Way Comes,  Bunny’s Blog, Dancing Dog Blog, Tales and Tails, My Brown Newfies, Terrier Torrent, Bringing Up Bella, The Daily Dog Blog, and Roxy the Traveling Dog for making me scream with laughter, sob at work, and feel better about life in general. I know I wouldn’t be blogging right now without your encouragement. You have all made it possible for me to face the New Year with confidence and hope. Thank you.

And thank you for sticking around to see me through to the end. Let’s see if we can’t make 2014 a brilliant year to remember! As Mr. Churchill said, success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. Here’s hoping I can keep this in mind.

What are your favourite moments from 2013?

16 thoughts on “Best of 2013, aka End to the Year of Shittery

  1. The best thing about life is that every day–heck, every moment, gives us a chance to start again.

    I love that you found all the joys in your year of shittery. You are an inspiration.

    BTW, NPR did a great feature on how rewriting our stories makes us feel better about ourselves. I will definitely be reflecting on it in a future SW post. I hope Rescued Insanity gives you a chance to write the story you want to star in.

    Happy New Year! I’m happy to be your distant, never-met friend. 🙂


  2. I know I can’t guarantee it (nor am I psychic), but I really am thinking 2014 will be an improvement over 2013. It’s long overdue I think. I don’t know how I helped other than sprinkling a little unicorn dust your way, but I am glad to support a friend like you in whatever way was needed.

    Welcome back Kristine. You were very much missed and all of us are very glad to have you back.


  3. It sounds like your year had some downs, but also some ups, which is way better than just downs! I’m glad that your back to blogging, I missed you when you were gone, and I hope you’ll keep writing because it makes me happy 🙂


  4. Hmmm… YEG eh? Nice town. Granville Island Lion’s Winter Ale – anytime Kristine. Bring PH, and we’ll buy you guys a round. My favorite moments from 2013 include getting a new swimming venue and meeting up with my swim coach Erika, getting laser treatments from Laser Lori, getting new stuffies for me and Owen every Monday to ahem…kill, meeting and loving a new walking buddy named Chris, continuing with my other favorite walker Kathy, socks from Mitch and Molly’s mom, my family, my dad getting a new job, lots of treats, tummy rubs, having lots of bloggie friends, good food and clean water, my doctor Janice, and chiro with Dr. Gail. We wish you good luck for 2014 Kristine. From your friends on the other side of the hill.


  5. Sometimes it’s really hard to find the positive when we really feel like there is none. I’m glad you found a way to dig through the shittery and find the glittery. 🙂 And if I helped in any way, I’m super glad. I’m also very glad that you found your way back to us Kristine, Blogville was a little bit sadder without you in it. “-)

    Here’s to 2014!


  6. It seems a lot of people have the same opinion of 2013. I am happy to turn the page, that’s for sure!

    One of my worst things about 2013 can also be turned into the best….We were in a motorcycle accident in early October. That’s a pretty bad thing for sure BUT….we lived to tell, and so often with a motorcycle accident you don’t. We even went home from the hospital that same night…so I’d say however unlucky we were, we were equally lucky!

    That being said, I hope to NEVER repeat that kind of luck again!

    Happy New Year and may 2014 be a much better year!


  7. I can totally relate… for me 2006 was that year. I didn’t know if I’d make it to the other side. Looking back, I can find some positive things in there now, in spite of all the rest. I love this post, and I love that you tried to find the silver linings on all of these clouds that have been hovering over your life lately. Here’s hoping that 2014 is amazing and awesome… and I’ll be here if you need anything at all! ❤


  8. It’s been good to have you back — I missed you when you were gone!

    What is it about odd-numbered years? It seems like all my not-so-good years have ended in either a 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9. BUT like Pamela said “every moment gives us a chance to start again”. I just prefer to put the past where it belongs and leave it there and TRY not to worry too much about the future. Here’s to a GREAT New Year for ALL of us!!


  9. This is a great post and I was with you on so many levels. I got all bogged (or blogged) down with too much “stuff” and I let it all get to me. I am very optimistic about the new year and I am happy you are too! May is be extra wonderful for you!


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